Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TBR challenge

Sadly, my TBR challenge post is delayed. For the first time - if I'm not mistaken - since I've joined the challenge, I'm missing a post day.
I'm still reading my challenge read, real life has been busy for me and switched my plans and if all goes well I'll finish my book today and post tomorrow. Anyone who comes here in hopes of seeing it, I apologize.
Part of the challenge for me it's not much the reading itself, but the meeting the theme and deadline. I hope I won't miss the challenge's deadline - nd my personal one - again.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Ha! Well for the first time since taking over hosting duties I missed the Challenge completely this month. It's pretty bad when the hostess can't meet her own deadline. But I saw your review posted - and lucky me! I literally just got a copy of this book while I was at the RWA conference :)

    1. Hi! My reading has suffered a bit these past weeks. Summer cleaning plus busy job season (I'm a touristic guide) don't let me read as much as in other times.

      I'm curious to see your opinion so I hope you don't let the book remain too long in the pile, lol!