Saturday, January 30, 2021

Two novellas

The following two novellas are part of the Lords of the Underworld series. Although they have a structure, they should not be read out of order. I've noticed the author added information to the body of the novella, so a new reader does have some context but it really won't make full sense without previous background.

I found both to be interesting and I was glad important characters showed up in both novellas. It was also very nice to see two special characters have their own story but, deep down, I feel that novellas, in general, are the "easy" fix of long series. I've read some great novellas, others not so good but for the most part, it does feel as if they barely reach the amount od depth (fan) readers would desire.

Another thing I should say, the series is heavily set on erotic content - it feels so to me - even though it started as paranormal romance. Nowadays, although the world building is still amazing, I feel the tone of the books is not as captivating. I remember the first books, with such an interesting mix of adventure and romance, tension and plot, so amazing they felt. Now, my expectations aren't as high as they used to be, but of course, that is a personal view.


The Darkest Captive is the story of Galen and Legion. 

Galen has been the villain, now redeemed, throughout most of the series. The complexity of the plot might justify his terrible behavior but his devotion to Legion didn't feel faked. I liked the novella but after so many books following this love affair (of sorts), I admit I feel a little disappointed by how this was done. I wanted more time for their romance to develop and to feel strong. For a novella, there was just too much time dedicated to their sex life and how connected they were. Things definitely felt rather superficial, when there was a lot of potential which could have been worked out better. 

Grade: 6/10


The Darkest Assassin is the story of Bjorn and Fox.

Bjorn is one of the angel trio introduced in the angel spin off series (but that now is again incorporated in the general main series), someone who has been tortured but has found a way to survive in the mortal world, along with his friends. We have been aware he was hiding something and we obviously discover what in this novella. His romance is with Fox, a secondary character who, after several plot-related situations, has been around more often in the more recent stories. The two play a sort of cat and mouse game after Bjorn is tasked to kill her but, of course, in the end they end up as a couple. I found this novella better than the previous one simply because the situations the main characters faced seemed to be more interesting. It's indeed a pity the page length not allowing for deeper developments and character growth but other authors proved it possible. That is why it feels this is an easy way to solve pendent romances. Still, an entertaining read.

Grade: 7/10

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