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Like I said in a post, from now on, the authors links will be here. So far, this is what I could come up with so I can keep things tidy. At the moment, this is what I can do.
I'll try to keep them in order, but if I escape some, don't hang me, it might be a mistake and if I see it I'll correct it.

A. M. Dean (non official)
A. M. Riley
A. S. Byatt
Alexis Hall
Alice Clayton   
Alison Packard
Alison Reuben
Allie Larkin
Aly Martinez
Amy E. Reichert 
Amy Hatvany
Amy Jarecki
Amy Raby 
Andrea Speed
Andy Weir
Ann Somerville
Annabeth Albert 
Anne Brooke
Anyta Sunday
Ashlyn Kane (non official) 
Ava Miles
Avery Cockburn  
Avon Gale
Barbara Bretton 
Bel Kaufman(non official)
Belinda McBride 
Belle Aurora (non official)
Beth Williamson  
Betty Smith (non official)
Beverly Adam 
Bey Deckard 
Blake Austin (non official) 
BN Toler
Brent Hartinger 
Brooke McKinley (non official)
CS Pacat
Caitlin Kittdredge (non official)
Cameron Dean (non official)
Camilla Isley
Carrie Vaughn
Cat Sebastian
Cecilia Grant 
Cherime MacFarlane
Christa Tomlinson 
Chufo Lloréns (non official)
Ciji Ware
Cindi Madsen
Claire North
Clive Cussler 
Cormac McCarthy 
Curtis Sittenfield
Dakota Rebel
Debbie Johnson
Deborah Harkness
Debra Dixon 
Diana Copland 
Diane Setterfield
Donna Tartt (non official) 
E. E. Knight 
Eli Easton
Elle G. Mraz
Elle Kennedy  
Ellen O'Connell
Elizabeth Darcy 
Elizabeth Haynes
Elizabeth Rolls
Emma Bull 
Eve Silver
Francine Rivers
Gabrielle Zevin 
Grace Burrowes
Grace Draven
Graeme Simsion  
H. J. Brues (non official) 
Hannah Rothschild
Hazel Gaynor 
Heather Cocks
Heidi Cullinan
Hester Browne 
Hope Ramsey
Hunter S. Jones
Irvin D. Yalom
Isabel Dare (non official)
Jacquie D'Alessandro
Jade Lee 
James Fenimore Cooper (non official) 
Jamie Ford 
Jana Deleon 
Jayne Fresina
Jean Kwok
Jeanette Murray
Jen Turano
Jennifer Moore 
Jenny Colgan
Jenny Offill
Jenny Shortridge
Jessica Clare
Jill Sanders  
Joanne Bertin (non official) 
Jody Hedlund
John Wiltshire
Jon Wilson 
Judy Hendricks
Julian Fellowes
Juliana Stone 
Julie Schumacher    
Justine Faeth
Karen Kelley
Karina Halle
Kat Latham
Katarina Bivald
Kate Atkinson 
Kate Baxter
Kate Johnson
Kate Perry
Katherine Pancol
Katie MacAlister
Katy Evans
Katy Regnery  
Kay Springsteen
Kaylea Cross
Kelly Bowen
Kelly Hunter 
Kevin Hearne
Khaled Housseini
Kim Fielding
Kimberley Freeman  
Kirby Crow
Kristen Ashley 
L. H. Cosway
L. M. Montgomery
Lane Hayes 
Larissa Brown 
Laura Lee Guhrke
Lauren Blakely
Lauren Layne 
Lauren Willig 
Lavinia Lewis (non official)
Leo Tolstoi (non official) 
Liane Moriarty
Lilah Pace (non official)  
Lily Morton
Lily Rede
Lisa Becker  (non official)
Lisa Henry
Lisa Kesslar
Lisa See 
Liz Carlyle 
Liz Fenwick 
Liz Trenow 
Lori Brighton     
Louisa Edwards
Lucinda Brant 
Lucy Parker
Luz Gabás (non official)
Lyn Benedict (non official) 
Lyn Hamilton
Lynda Aicher
M. K. Eidem 
M. M. Kaye
Mackenzie Blair (non official)
Maddy Barone  
Mariana Zapata
Martine Bailey
Mary Ann Rivers
Mary Stewart (non official)
Maureen Mckade
Mechele Armstrong 
Megan Erickson 
Mel Keegan
Melanie Jacobson
Michelle Diener
Milan Kundera (non official) 
Milly Taiden 
Miranda Davis (non official)
Nancy Gideon
Nancy Herkness 
Naomi Novik 
Nicky Edwards
Nicole Luiken
NR Walker (blog)  
Patrick Rothfuss
Paula Hawkins 
Peggy L. Henderson
Penelope Douglas
Penelope Ward
Penny Reid
Penny Watson
Pepper Espinoza (non offcial)
Polly Williams 
Posy Roberts
R. K. Lilley
R. Lee Smith 
Rachel Bach 
Rachel Gibson
Rachel Higginson
Rachel Hore 
Ray Bradbury
Richard K. Morgan 
Roan Parrish
Robert Thier
Robin Sloane
Rose Lerner
Ruth Ann Nordin
Ryan Field
Sabrina Stark
Sally Thorne 
Samantha Shannon 
Sandy James
Sara Douglass 
Sarah Humphreys
Sarina Bowen
Savannah Russe (non official) 
Sawyer Bennet 
Sera Trevor
Sharon and Tom Curtis (non official)
Shawna Reppert
Sheena Lambert 
Shelly Laurenston  
Sherryl Woods
Shira Anthony
Sonali Dev
Sophie Kinsella 
Stacey Ballis
Stephanie Doyle (non offical)
Stephanie Perkins 
Stephen McCauley
Steven Burst 
Susanna Fraser 
Suzanne Wright
Sveva Casati Modignani( non official) 
T. A. Pratt
Tamara Allen (blog) 
Tariq Ali

Tere Michaels

Teresa Medeiros
Tessa Bailey
Terry O'Reilly 
Tiffany Clare
Vanessa North
Victoria Darkins (non official) 
Viola Carr
Viola Grace
Yann Martel

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