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Lara Adrian - Edge of Dawn

Twenty years after "First Dawn" - the morning that followed a blood-soaked night where Mankind learned that vampires lived among them - wars and skirmishes continue. Peace between humans and the Breed seems elusive, but the Order and their allies will not rest until it is won. 
For Mira, raised with the Order from the time she was a child and now the formidable captain of her own team of warriors, the fight is personal. War with mankind has cost her a great deal - the life of someone she loved dearly. 
Vowed to avenge his death, Mira blazes into every battle like a Valkyrie - until an unexpected encounter with a rebel leader brings her face-to-face with a startling truth, and a betrayal that will cut through her every defense...straight to the core of the wounded woman whose faith has never been more tested, nor her heart more deeply torn.

Comment: This is the most recent book in the Midnight series by Lara Adrian. Ha, one more book recently published I've gone through...once in a while I do have to keep up with recent stuff otherwise it would pile up and up and up...

This is Mira's story. We've known her since book #5, where she was rescued by couple Renata and Nikolai.
Now, 20 years have gone since the last book, where vampires were announced to the world. Now, there's an alliance between humans and vampires although not very comfortable. The world is divided between accepting and hating the Breeds and there are many fights around. Mira is in charge of a fighting team to keep the order in the streets. She's still feeling the loss of her best friend/lover Kellan in an explosion eight years ago.
A conference for peace is close by but someone doesn't Breeds to feel accepted and any thing could be the trigger to a war, such as the kidnapping of a young human scientist with Breed security by a group of rebels. But the rebel leader isn't random..

I was very glad to know this new arc would still have the characters we got to know and love from the other books. Obviously not in protagonist status but still there. 
What I wasn't very eager to see was the environment of war that would serve the general opinion of  the Breed's my head I thought it would have been better if they were accepted and the prejudice was only in the minority. Instead, it's the opposite. There's a too polite acceptance of vampires by the world and this will allow for certain behavior and attitude's plots that I feel I might get tired of..let's see what the author does because the book ended was a major discovery and it might change the whole idea the reader might have about this new arc. What a surprise and how exciting if this happens like it's likely to be.
The plot was interesting but to be honest I wasn't that mesmerized by it until the last part of the book where the surprise happens.
I was much more eager to read about the characters, about what they were doing, about how they are now that two decades have passed. It was fun to see some of the babies as grown ups now and with ideas and personalities of their own. It will be interesting to see them now.
The romance was cute, it had many great scenes, but it wasn't as amazing as I imagined it would be. Perhaps because Kellan faked his own death over a reason I understand but don't agree with. Sometimes if we're scared of something and most especially of the reaction our loved ones might have, then we do rushed things, we don't think about the reasons why they are out loved ones and we act on impulse. This was what I think Kellan did, he acted fast after knowing something and didn't stop to talk, to share his fears, to try to find a solution..wouldn't it be wiser? But no, he went on his idea of faking death and for 8 years he has been suffering and the ones who love him did too. I'm glad it all worked out in the end, but it was a plot line I didn't feel was that strong.
Overall, it was another great book by the author..some things didn't match my expectations but I have the feeling the next books might be more powerful, both in romance and in plot line.

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