Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jenna Black - The Devil's Due

Trust me or die…That’s the choice Morgan Kingsley, exorcist, is given by the gorgeous rogue demon who’s gotten inside her. The truth is, Morgan has dozens of reasons not to trust anyone, from the violence that torched her house and killed her father to a love life that’s left her questioning her relationship with her erstwhile boyfriend, Brian. But Lugh, a king among demons, won’t take no for an answer. He’s prying into her body, her mind, even her sex life. And he’s just pulled Morgan into a power struggle that could have devastating consequences for both the human and demon worlds.
But Morgan still has a job to do: investigating the highly bizarre possession of the son of a wealthy Philadelphia couple. That hunt leads Morgan into a realm of sexual depravity, then a terrifying kidnapping.… Now a woman who makes her living prying demons from their hosts finds her day job colliding with the night: a darkness that is attracting demons of the damnedest sort, including the one who’s about to demand his ultimate due.…

Comment: This is is the third installment in the Morgan Kingsley series by the author. I've loved the first two books in the series and I was very hopeful about this one as well. It's always such a nice feeling to think a book is going to be great.

In this new story Morgan is still thinking about her father's death and all the troubles she's in because of Lugh, the demon she's hosting. She's not happy, so she turns to work in hopes of getting some control over what is expected of her. However, not even work is good enough when it looks lie she is dealing with an illegal demon and a strange situation. Then Lugh asks something of her and she doesn't know how to tell her friends someone has to come back and possibly change things as they are now...

Like it happened with the other books, I was quite pleased with this one too. The story remains strong enough to sustain the plot and the ideas the author puts on the page. And I have to say, I was quite surprised with the end of the book, as we have news I never imagined could happen, much less be truthful. It was quite the twist!

Morgan is still the same person, with her dual thought processes, she can be as happy hating demons and their actions and their wants but she is also understandable when it comes to the feelings of those she is close to. I think her personality is complex and tricky enough to carry her on until the final book. I'm quite eager to see what she'll do in the future about her role as the host for the king of demons. Her position is something she didn't want to think about, but in this book we see her relationship with Lugh has some surprises coming and by getting closer, meaning, being able to communicate and Morgan being able to give control by trusting Lugh better is a change that might be important for the remaining stories. I don't know if Morgan is really that trustful, in fact I don't think she is, but I believe she's accepted she can't change her role and the importance of it in what is to come. So, in a way, Morgan has grown up since the first book,she's put a test on her own boundaries and the reader gets to see how she deals with many subjects she seemed very opposed to. I like this sense of change and growth in her.

The plot, like I said, offers many surprises and in this book w have a big one. I'm eager to see how this new information will play in the upcoming books. I thought these books wouldn't be very special, they would be plain at best, but I'm very happy to be enjoying them, as I see many elements to think about, mainly how we might hate something so much but when dealing with those things our perspective can change. Nothing is ever just good or bad..there are always shades of grey everywhere.

I'm very happy with the series so far. I hope the next book is as thrilling and imaginative. Can't wait to read it next month.

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