Sunday, October 13, 2013

Amy Lane - Wounded

Green: "If someone gives their life for you, it is because they can not bear to live in a world without you. This is a great gift and a terrible burden, and if you are going to live, you need to be grateful for the gift and prepared to bear the burden."
Cory: "I do fearsome things, when I'm touching people who love me..."
Cory fled the foothills to deal with the pain of losing Adrian, and Green watched her go. Separately, they could easily grieve themselves to death, but when an enemy brings them together, they find out what a great and terrible force love can be.

Comment: This is the second book in the Little Goddess series by the author. I liked the first one but after thinking about it for some time I found more things to dislike which meant that, despite keeping my general opinion abut it, I also lowered the grade a bit. Well, mentally at least.
I started this one only with the idea of going through with it to be one book closer to finish another series.

In this second book, Cory and Green are still raw after Adrian's gone. They have to deal with it and the support and needs from all the other people who live in the hill. They also have to prove to others heir feelings remain the same and are as strong as always. But what they can't do is to remain static with so many people dependent on them to keep their will to carry on and to feel accepted.

I kind of liked this one. I just thought things would be a bit more quiet and traditional but they didn't went that path. I should have guessed but I still had some hopes. I've described this series to a person as a YA fantasy erotica. Although the characters aren't teenagers, one of them is still even though with a personality beyond that. Still. 16 and 17 aren't numbers I immediately connect to mature people. I know, I know, everyone's different...anyway, the world is fantasy, vampires ans faeries and many other beings but they live in a society where it's not that strange for people to have re than one lover. I shouldn't have been surprised but I thought Green and Cory would become a couple and that's it.
They didn't....obviously. But you now, in a way I accepted things like they were being developed because considering the tone of the story it wasn't such a big deal.

Cory and Green have a special relationship but things aren't as easy as only the two of them. They have to consider two other people caught in a twist no one was expecting. I really was surprised with this as I didn't think I'd buy the whole idea of Cory kind of bonding with more than one guy that completely but in that world I wasn't surprised. I thin the author has an idea, a concept of how things are an she makes them work so even when apparently weird, things still manage to look fit like a good puzzle. Odd, but there it is.

The secondary characters are funny, interesting and I love to see them interacting as I think this is the biggest strength in the series.

What annoyed me really the most was the jumping scenes, things was quite complicated to follow the action. So many things happening at the same time and not always as easy to interpret as that. At some point the reader gets an idea of what it meant and why but it can be quite the task to keep up. This slows down the reading a bit and can present a not so good image of the whole story, which is a pity.

All in all, not as bad as I thought, but despite some good surprised and easy immersing in the world, some structure story telling still bring the book down a notch.
Grade: 5/10

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