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Amy Lane - Rampant

Lady Cory has carved out a life for herself not just as a wife to three husbands but also as one of the rulers of the supernatural communities of Northern California-- and a college student in search of that elusive degree. When a supernatural threat comes crashing into the hard-forged peace of Green's hill, she and Green determine that they're the ones in charge of stopping the abomination that created it. 
Their vow to protect leads Cory, Bracken and Nicky to Redding--where a tight-knit family of vampires threatens the people Cory loves to keep a terrible secret. It also leads them to a conflict of loyalties, as Nicky's parents threaten to tear Nicky away from the family he's come to love more than his own life. 
Cory has to work hard to hold on to her temper and her life as she tries to prove that she and Green are not only leaders who will bind people to their hearts, but also protectors who will keep danger from running RAMPANT.

Comment: This is the fourth book in the Little Goddess series by this author and so far, th last one, I've asked ms Lane if she's planning to write more, but I'm still waiting for a reply. Anyway, I'll consider this one to be the last book after four months reading the series. I've started this just to get four more books out of my TBR pile so I wasn't really expecting to be amazed. Still, I've read them all now and my opinion grades this with an average of three starts in GR mainly because the main character annoyed me in three of the four books. Oh well...

This fourth book continues the story of Cory, a new goddess-like person who got to know her powers after the touch of another god, which led to a succession of happenings that changed her life, her perspective of life in general and how to see herself and others. In this book Cory and her new family have to deal with a threat to her family and to anyone else because a predator is turning children into monsters. While dealing with this they also meet Nicky's parents and a guest that will prove quite the challenge...

I was thinking how best to write about this story...the thing is, I did like the book and the others before for there's something special about it, some little thing in there that makes me want to read, there's an interesting lesson as well, but at the same time I find many passages boring and too slow to fully enjoy this. Besides, the books demand a lot of time and I had some struggles with this one, for it took me practically a week to finish it.

It's not that it is bad or stupid. It does have, like I've said, some interesting elements and lessons in how to accept others and their relationships and how to be open minded and in reality the only thing we have to protect is our family and our beliefs, just letting go of all the others prejudices and fears we might have. But good sentences and ideals aside, I found the story to be...slightly boring. Oh and I really don't see the attractiveness in the female protagonist. The series revolve around her so there's no avoiding her, but while I warmed up to her in the first book, now she's annoying and it get on my nerves how she suddenly is the holy grail of everything in the series. Also there's too much speculation, what ifs about a thing or two and I just wanted some more objectivity at some points.

I found Cory to be really annoying now. In the first story sh was just someone with potential finding out about her powers, her life, the possibilities, she got to know others and herself and the story felt like a whole new existence to all the characters. Now, Cory is a different person, she's still a bit timid and she does power related stuff because she has to..but I don't like her voice anymore, she is too much in a position of power and focus. Yes, I know it's all about her, but I no longer like that, I'd have preferred to see her as someone important but did the others have to bow all th time (metaphorically and figuratively speaking) to her and her sudden new take on life? At some parts I just agreed with some of the antagonists were they spoke badly about her because at those moments it seemed she was just too much the know-it-all and a bit arrogant too. It annoyed me immensely. All the other characters that like her usually let her do and talk like she's the only one who matters and although she claims she doesn't see herself that way, the author has written things in such a way, it's right there in the face of the reader and it gets tiring and annoying.

As for this book's plot, I thought it was interesting enough to see things develop but it took forever and it ended in a thrilling cliffhanger. If the series is to end this way I don't mind I thin it's artistic and leaves a lot of space for the imagination, but I guess I see why many readers would like a follow-up.
This book is so long I could spend many more lines talking about several subjects, like how Nicky's parents weren't exactly what I thought, how we had characters playing an important role but whose main story is in another series and must we read everything, but to be honest those things feel like secondary.

I enjoyed reading the series overall, but this book in particular was harder for the reasons I've mentioned. If there are more books to come I really hope they're better and not as Cory oriented or done in a way that only shows how wonderful others see her or how perfect she seems to act even when she isn't. Too much of her gets too much, period.
Still, many elements to think about.
Grade: 6/10

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