Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Book Statistics

Like it's happening to most bloggers out there, of course I couldn't avoid the book statistics for the year. I think all readers enjoy these kind of posts simply to share the love for all things bookish. Personally, I do like to see what others read and how was their year.

-> Anyway, before anything else, the overall averages.

  • I've read 193 books. I didn't reach the total of 200 I wanted like it happened last year. I could say some of the books I've read were huge so it would sort of compensate in terms of pages read but o excuses, I just couldn't reach that number. Still, I've aimed for that same number this year in the Goodreads challenge, I hope I can do it this time.

  • My most successful month was March, where I managed to read 19 books and the worst were February and December with only 14. I know it's not bad comparing to many people but we always want to do better of ourselves, right?

  • I've purchased 99 books, same as last year. I did spend more however. It was a total of 690,95€, which amounts to more or less 946$. A lot, yes....more than my monthly paycheck but in my defense I do not buy shoes all the time nor do I spend money on other things, books are my only vice!

  • 129 of the books I've read were by authors whose work I previously knew and had read. This means I've tried 64 new authors, most of them a good bet.

  • Of these books, in a very general range, I've loved 44, liked 72, thought 57 to be satisfying enough, I stayed indifferent towards 11 and didn't enjoy 9. Good numbers I guess.

  • The genre I've read the most was the paranormal romance but I like many genres and many types of stories, this year it won't be different.

Now, for the pile of books that languish in my house, like most of you certainly, the number is big. probably not as huge as many of you, but for me...I have right now 356 books in my TBR list. Not counting the LGBT ones because I have many and I didn't feel like doing the math, but believe they're many. Anyway, I have more 18 books in this list than I did last year... no words necessary to explain, isn't it?
However, I can't say I'm sorry and I already bought four more books just this morning... No penance is enough, so....

I'll post about some favorite titles next time for I have to leave.
Happy new year, everyone!


  1. Hi S, I love to read about book statistics. Haven't done mine this year as I've been a bit lazy and a bit sick lately. Happy new year!

    1. Ohh I hope you're getting better! And how are your little ones? Not so little anymore, right?
      Can't wait to see your summaries.

  2. OMG - almost 200?! I'm envious! I was hoping to get to 100 this past year, and it didn't happen. A paltry 86 :( I'm hoping for better numbers in 2014, and also to start cleaning out my print TBR. I know I have many books languishing that I just know I'll never read or have an interest in reading - so why am I keeping them around?

    1. Wendy I don't have a life lol
      I read. My only vice, so...
      Still, I wish I'd reached that 200 because it's such a rounded number, I like symmetry :)