Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Favorite Books and Worst Books of 2013

Finally the time to write down some sentences about the books to remember from the 2013 reads.
I've read many good books but I'll mention only my top 5, then the top 3 favorites LGBT stories and at last, my top 3 worst books. I admit it, I'm lazy so it will be a fast thing. It took me so long because real life doesn't stop to let me write...but these things are better done late than ever, right?
Ok here it goes.

My favorite books of 2013, with no particular order are the following...sorry, really lazy to add links, just scroll down the author tags on the right side of the blog and the post about this year's read will be there. Sorry to make you work!

5 Favorite Books
Each one had its own merits and in every I found a great world I wouldn't mind living on or visiting!

This book was amazing because it has two main characters that, despite not being perfect, suit each other and their relationship made me so happy for them and every time I would turn a page I'd tell myself I would stop and when I got my bearings I was finishing it! The story of a women who sees herself as plain and to be forgotten suddenly becomes the focus of  a worthy man who also doesn't think the best of himself. Wonderful!

This one wasn't a complete surprise. I have such tender feelings for this series, my very first paranormal addiction and the world has me and the characters enthrall me always. I know some things aren't as good as they could be and I do feel some things could be done different...but in the end the storylines along with the emotions still captivate me and this story of two men destined to be together after so many books suffering apart couldn't be better in terms of romance. Always a winner to me.

This one I really wanted to like but I wasn't prepared to love it. The story is beautiful and it was such a pleasure to read an old romance wit so many good details and warm scenes. Not everything goes well for the ex convict and the young widow but their slow romance and passion got me until th very end. This is a superb romance with all the ingredients to work out and I regret I won't read it ever again for the first time because it just marvels you.

I loved this one, it's such a wonderful mystery and thriller. I think authors try harder every time to achieve the most surprising book and with this case things are subtle and simple but then for me it was quite the twist! I just love books where things important happen but we see the domestic side of the characters too. The main character wrote a book, sort of purging his fears and obsessions. Who would ever know...?

This is superb. It's about a young woman running away from a doomed life and getting into a place where humans aren't supposed to survive long. I was absorbed by the structured and well thought world, the feelings and the emotions always so dead on and most important of all, how special and detailed the writing was. The author has talent and this world is wonderful...I wish I could live there and be par of that community. Perfect!

Favorite 3 LGBT stories
Of the 25 m/m books I've read, these three stood out!

This one had such a hype I was very curious to try it. I love wolves in paranormals and I was very curious to see how the author would deal with a world where werewolves existed were accepted in the army and gay relationships were also accepted. The tho main characters had a lot to deal with and to figure out but I loved watching their relationship develop while their professional lives kept on going as well. Really addictive and special!

This is already a must buy for me. I love the main couple since I've read the first book and with every installment many new things seem to matter, to be important, to develop a bit more. In this adventure, the guys have something to deal with but as always, the most important thing is how that affects their relationship. It's time to stop hiding, isn't it? I really liked this one...another story I could read for a long time without tiring.

This one is a mix of adventure, historical and romance. It has everything to work out for me, being the most important thing how slowly the romance develops. I found it credible and engrossing despite the huge page count. I liked the historical facts inserted and how close to reality this must have been. I can't wait to keep reading the story of buccaneers and matelots in the 16th century and how the heroes I got to care about are going on. A great read!

Worst 3 Books
As always, some books just don't make it. We might think they will turn out a certain way then w see for ourselves how wrong we got.

This was on my radar for ages because I love shape shifter stories. Unfortunately this one didn't measure up and it was boring, poorly done and in my opinion not developed or structured enough to be interesting, Major difficulty getting to it and going through it.


I didn't have much hope for this one but it was still such a disappointment. I had lots of trouble to read it because it was more than boring, it had stupid moments and I couldn't wait to get it over with. Thankfully I did it as fast as I could but honestly nothing about it remains except the sensation of boredom.

No words. Really I can't even speak about it, I know many people cherish it for the voice, the prose, the emotion but to me it was pure hell reading it and it is small! The very worst of the year, the only one with only one star at my goodreads account. Not for me, sorry.


-> And this is it. 
The extremes of my year. I had many good books in the year but those stood out for their own reasons. Let's see what 2014 had reserved for me!
Enjoy your readings, everyone!


  1. Wooohooo on Written in Red being on your list. It was really a good book LOL. I thought that was the only book I knew on your list, but turns out I did read Morning Glory... So long ago though! It was a touching one :)

    And The Drowning really sounds interesting!

    1. Have you tried Camilla Lackberg before? You like Karen Rose, I think you could find some similarities in the type of stories...do you like Tess Gerritsen, she's closer in the overall vibe.
      This book was very special to me, when you think an author can't surprise you anymore with twists...lol

      Anne Bishop rocks, I already pre ordered Murder of Crows!

  2. Sonia, great list! I'm so glad you loved Morning Glory by Spencer. That's a fantastic historical romance. And, we share Written in Red! Murder of Crows is coming out in about 8/7 weeks from now. Yay!

    I'm going to look up Camilla Lackberg from your list. Maybe she's do it for me? You sold it to me with your summary.

    Touch and Geaux by Abigail Roux... I don't know? I did not have much success with this series. The first book that everyone loved didn't really work for me. :( I do have the second installment and will read it, maybe the series will grow on me as it goes along.

    1. Hi Hilcia! Murder of Crows is pre ordered, one of those along with Singh's psy/changeling and Ward's Brothers I dive in as soon as it arrives, everything else goes on standby.

      The one by Camilla is part of a series...not the mystery part, but the character's lives develop since book #1, The Ice Princess.
      I thought I wasn't going to like this, but after all it has the perfect balance between crime and daily life. You should try. This book in particular has a twist I never imagined, I thought the key was something more obvious although unlikely..lol

      You should try WA Hoffman's story, I think it's the kind of writing you would appreciate and enjoy.