Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dan Brown - Deception Point

Rachel Sexton works for the National Reconnaissance Office as an intelligence officer. She is also the daughter of a Senator currently running for President. Her father's main offensive, and a very popular one, against the incumbent President is to attack the huge amount of NASA funding. Rachel is barely on speaking terms with her father, believing him to be totally corrupt, but is still worried she is being used by the President when he asks her to verify an amazing find by NASA, a find which will settle the arguments about NASA funding for ever.
Reluctantly agreeing to view the find Rachel is whisked off to the North Pole. What she finds once she gets there takes her breath away. However, she quickly learns that nothing is what it seems, and, with two civilian scientists, is soon fleeing for her life. Stranded on an ice berg they are rescued in the nick of time by a nuclear submarine, but once back in the US their attempts to expose the plot show them that they can trust absolutely no one...

Comment: This book has been in the TBR pile for years, almost 10 probably. It's a life, 10 years...I bought it in Portuguese at a time when I haven't found out about on-line ordering. After I learned to buy books on-line and cheaper in English, my piles of bought books in Portuguese decreased immensely. Anyway, this is one of those, I bought it as soon as it came out translated because it was da Vinci's fever still and the author was on top then. I wanted to read this one with time...but things changed an it stayed on the shelf...along so many others, but last month I looked at it and that was it. It only takes a firm decision!

This is the story of Rachel Sexton, she works for the NRO and is invited to participate in a sort of conference by the president of the US concerning g an amazing announcement to the world. However, things aren't simple and the Arctic isn't the best place to hide. After a murder attempt, Rachel and the scientists with her have to think fast and be clever to dodge the murderers and to help the President to stop a scandal that could be the ruin of one of the world's most recognized organizations, NASA. Could it be done?

The book was OK. Not the best ever, but I always thin he author does one thing brilliantly, which is to present a certain set of information in a very precise and organized way and to explore that according to his book's needs and the reality anyone can research. Inserting this into a romance is clever because the reader doesn't get bored and actually learns a lot, which probably wouldn't if a non fiction work was the object. In all his books I've read, it wasn't exactly the fiction that seduced me, but I liked many things I've learned this way, plus the development of those informations. Therefore, his is a good work of investigation and research and presenting information in an easy and interesting way. 
The fictional parts can be discussed differently but they work for his purpose even if the reader doesn't agree with what he says or with the way it's shown.

I like his work overall. But really I can't put aside the things I consider Hollywood matter, which are the often escapes from death and trouble that exist in every book. I don't think I'll ever forget the helicopter scene in Angels and Demons - those who read know what it is about - and now how can I ever forget the incredible scene in this book about the imaginative way the group doesn't die in the ice of the harsh Arctic? Really, how unlikely and spectacular, even if possible somehow! Which I believe it might be...but really....this author is an expert of finding innovative solutions to a very tricky problem! I'm actually eager to read the books by him I'm missing yet just to find out which unlikely way the heroes escape certain death!

The action is fast paced as expected. I always found smart of him to write in small chapters because it gets easier to read and the fact a reader has a smaller graphic spot to go through somehow allows for faster reading. One doesn't get tired as often, then we read more and faster. Not easy to any book, but in this author's case, it's handy.
I think he uses the right tools to grab the read and they usually work especially if it's a reader that wants to read his work, even putting aside unrealistic plot and characters...
For me, it worked, although the theme isn't the most amazing one ever. I think this author is lucky in the sense that, the reader can have so much fun in the reading experience itself, that plot can almost be put aside. I, for one, had fun and read really fast, despite the book's size.
It's perfect to be entertained.
Grade: 7/10

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