Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mary Calmes - Old Loyalty, New Love

When jackal shifter Quade Danas was banished from his pack for being gay, he spent years in the
military escaping his father's prejudice before returning to civilian life as a bodyguard for Roman Howell, the teenage son of a very rich man. After Roman is in an accident that leaves him physically scarred and emotionally distant, Quade is the only one who can get through to him. As Roman becomes a man, he realizes what he wants—his bodyguard by his side and in his bed. Unfortunately, Quade can’t seem to see past the kid Roman once was to the man he has become, certain Roman’s feelings are merely misplaced gratitude. But Roman knows a lot more than Quade realizes, and he’s used to persevering, no matter how many impediments life throws his way. He wants the chance to prove to Quade that he’s strong enough for a jackal alpha to call mate.
Despite the decades Quade has been away, and the heartache of his father’s rejection, his inborn loyalty to the pack remains, and his abrupt departure left the jackal shifters without an alpha heir. As a psychopath shifter staking claim as alpha draws Quade back home, and Quade feels compelled to heed the call, he may be forced to make a choice he never anticipated. But doing so means he must leave Roman behind… unless somehow they find a way to make loyalty and love work together.

Comment: This was another of my m/m reads of the month. I was a bit interested in it because I've read a couple more books by this author before and overall, I enjoyed them both. I was curious to see if this one also delivered.

The story follows Quade and Roman. Quade is a bodyguard to rich heir Roman and he's also a were jackal. Quade is thinking about leaving his jb because he can't control his attarction to Roman anymore. He's older and has been close to Roman while he dealt with the result of a terrible accident and Quade feels Roman has depended on him too much. When he is close to make that decision, Roman talks and proves him he won't let him go because his feelings are strong and he wants Quade too.
Then, Quade's past comes back. He left his house many years ago to join the military because his family didn't accept he was gay. Now things are different and many people just want Quade to return and accept his position as alpha to help the pack after someone else almost destroyed it. Will Quade be up to all the tasks people demand of him?

I feel divided about this book. It wasn't that bad, but honestly I can't seem to concentrate on the positive aspects and only the things I found annoying are easily remembered.
Quade had some difficulties in his life because of who he is. He tried to do something with his life instead of going with the flow. I thought this aspect of his personality to be the best. When the reader meets Quade he is doing his bodyguard duty and we realize he has feelings for Roman, a younger, rich man who suffered a terrible accident and got part of his body severely burned and still has scars. He isn't attractive to most people but being rich, his family wants to pair him off with some guy because he's gay and out. Quade is feeling the pressure of holding his feelings and is ready to quit. He seems a very controlled person, sure of himself and conscious about the problems and the challenges of letting the man he loves know he is a monster. At this point, I was very eager to see how their relationship would develop, they seemed friends too but I was curious to see how the chemistry would push them into love.

Well, the interest stopped there. After all, Roman knew all along Quade is a shifter and from that point on, several things happenand Quade faces many things at once. I liked the clutter I admit, but I don't think the author dis the best job with making it seem cohesive. Everything happened suddenly, without much guidance, without any sort of sense...for instance, a girl shows up at some pint, out of nowhere to ask for Quade's help. I mean, what? Why was she there, just because she wanted help? I was confused, she didn't have any connection to anything and sort of landed there to enforce the point Quade was a good person, different from the other alpha? I guess this was it...
Other strange apparently random things also happened, people changing behavior and opinions just because Quade was was all so messy and it felt like the author didn't have time to organize her ideas and what would follow what.

The relationship between Quade and Roman wasn't as wonderful as I imagined...their interactions show a dedicated, in love couple, but I never felt much balance between them, their scenes together didn't convince me of the strength of their bond.

I don't know what else to say about it anymore. It had its moments and as a romance it has many ingredients to satisfy any reader of paranormal romance, but in terms of plot cohesion and sequence details, I felt it wasn't done the best way. I think the other books I've read were better done.
I think this one had too much, too messy, a bit of a let down because I love shape shifters stories and always root for them to wow and dazzle me. It wasn't the case, although many details were OK. Still, I think this story left a lot to be desired.
Grade: 5/10

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