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Pamela Palmer - Wulfe Untamed

The most enigmatic and tortured of the Feral Warriors, Wulfe is haunted by the quiet beauty of a human woman who no longer remembers him. Once a captive of both the Mage and the Ferals, Natalie stole a piece of his heart before he took her memories and sent her safely back to her fiancé. But now the Mage are threatening her again, and Wulfe will risk anything to protect her.
Natalie Cash is stunned when she's saved by a wolf who shifts suddenly into a splendidly built, if badly scarred, man, a man with the kindest eyes. Swept into a world of intrigue and danger beyond her comprehension, she turns to the powerful Wulfe, finding a passion she'd only dreamed of. But when time runs out, they must trust one another and surrender to a wild, untamed love.

Comment: This is the most recent, and apparently final, installment in the Feral Warriors series by Pamela Palmer. It has followed a group of warriors who fought against evil by being able to transform into animals after being marked by a spirit of that animal. This is a paranormal series with a different couple being the protagonist in each one but the overall story line was the same and the plot was continuous.

This final book is about Wulfe and Natalie. Wulfe is the wolf warrior and he's got scars on his face over something bad he done in his past ad was punished for that. He fell for Natalie some books ago but set her free because he only wanted to have a normal life. Now she's back over some freaky happenings and Wulfe decides do rescue her which meant bringing her to the Feral Warriors house where her blind brother now lives. But could he keep his hands off her once more?

In the beginning of the series only a small group of 7 or 8 were the main ones because other animal spirits were trapped by the bad guys. Throughout the books, some of those spirits got released and new warriors showed up although not always in the best way. At point where this book ends, several new warriors have appeared but apparently they won't have stories in this arc (or ever?), including one of the original ones.

I don't feel that sad the series is ending, just a bit I guess...the stories, except one or two were pretty much the same. But I think it's a bit unfair all the original warriors we got to know during the series got a story and one of them didn't. Apparently this is it, perhaps the author can write shorts about promising characters, but it won't be same I think.
On the other hand, if the writing muse was gone or if the author didn't have more to say, then it's fine, better to finish something with some control over things than to let it drag forever.

This book has a very good HEA, evil is defeated, the good guys win and everyone ends up happy. Of course, the clichés worked out well here, Wulfe can have an ugly face but to Natalie he is everything she wished for and love conquers all. Before the final battle the action dragged a bit and honestly I wasn't focused all the time because at some point, the action, plot ideas and sequences all followed the same patterns as so many books before, so nothing really new here...
After everything is solved for the good guys, we finally see them getting their happy end and they deserved, but after some thinking, I have to say, this series isn't the most complex or well put together ever. 
I think, overall, this was common to so many things out there and didn't offer many things new...the romance situations, behavior and plot were more than predictable, and not even the writing seemed different than the average. I liked two books more than others exactly because so many plot changes happened, but when thinking about all the books, I can't really say it was the best ever, no.

Just a personal note...the font of Avon Books doesn't help either. For me it feels like such a spread font, like the words don't seem thoughtful or compact because of that. In a way, it ruins the reading experience a bit...but that's personal, nothing to do with the story.

Well, I liked Natalie convinced Wulfe he was attractive for her and that they found happiness along with their friends. I'm glad everything got solved and explained, even though t wasn't the best reading I've ever did. Congratulations to the author anyway, for the effort and the dedication. Despite my personal opinions I was a faithful reader to the series and a tiny bit of me feels sad over it's end. Still..better to end when one's on top.
Grade: 6/10

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