Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lynn Lorenz - Bayou Dreams

Sheriff Scott Dupree’s got more problems than he can handle. He’s alpha of his small werewolf pack and coming up for re-election as sheriff in a year. On top of this, his mother is casting love spells to find Scott a mate. It’s all Scott can do to keep the town and pack under control, let alone his urges to mate.
Ted Canedo is openly gay, a disgraced ex-cop from New Orleans. His patrol partner was killed on duty and Ted took the blame for taking protection money from the store owner to save his partner’s wife and kids grief. No one knew Ted was in love with his partner, not even his partner. Having him die in Ted’s arms killed something inside Ted too.
When the moon is full and Scott’s momma works her magic, Ted’s erotic dreams and his work as a PI bring him to St. Jerome and sexy, straight Scott. Scott’s stunned to learn his wolf is gay and wants to mate with Ted. Ted refuses to become involved with a straight man, much less a werewolf, terrified to risk his heart again.
Especially if it he has to watch Scott fight to the death for his right to claim Ted as his mate.

Comment: I had my eye on this story for ages before I managed to get it. While I waited I kind of build a certain level of expectations about the book which, added to quite the few positive reviews I've read since I knew about it, have made me really eager to read and be dazzled by this shape shifter story.

This book is the first in a trilogy about the shape shifter wolves in New Orleans. It's one of those classic stories of GFY - gay for you - where at least one of the main characters isn't gay but can't help fall for that special guy. In here, the mate issue is an extra. 
Scott never imagined his mate might be a gay man and he puts all the blame on his mother's voodoo attempts to marry him off. He's determined to stay way from Ted but he does admit the pheromones and the attraction are there.
Ted is a proud gay man who lost his career for love, for the memory of the straight man he loved. However, he is in a mission for his work as PI and the last thing on his mind are wolves, mates and love. But he finds all that...doesn't he?

Well, after so much time of waiting I have to say this wasn't exactly as I imagined. I had the idea this would be a great romance, I've read the author's work before and I was ready to be amazed but that didn't happen. Te situations in the book didn't grab my attention as they are meant to I suppose, and neither the characters were strong enough enough to cover for the sort of useless plot.

The story is a bit lame, I think. There's this whole feel of how gays wouldn't be welcome but in the end they are, by example. This is a good thing after all, but the path towards that it weird in a way. Also, why pointing out that fact so often? I think it was just meant to prove a point, mates are welcome no matter their gender. I was left with the feeling that was why gays could be welcomed.

The the main plot revolves around Ted's work and his cover to be near the woman he's spying on is to be an artist. Of course he battles his urges to have sex with two different men. but after smelling Scott that isn't available anymore. I thought the plot to be a bit stupid. This could still be the main point of interest, could still be used but if done in a different way... I guess in the end I just wasn't very fond of the whole world created. It wasn't addictive or that special to be in.

The two main characters weren't the best ones either. I had the feeling both were lacking in several aspects, their personalities had many flaws and although one can say it's just part of their characterization, I wasn't interested in them alone, much less together. I thought there wasn't real feelings between them, apart from the strong pheromones and the addiction they brought. I wasn't particularly amazed by them as two people in love. Too much denial and physical appearances instincts only. I wasn't convinced they were in love or that destined to be together. In the end, it was a bit disappointment to finish the book with the feeling the main couple didn't feel right, in love or dedicated to each other, no matter the pretty words. I think the author failed in this one. the story just doesn't feel strong enough in any level. Of course, this is me, many others loved it...
I guess the fact this is a shape shifter story and has some shifter elements still grabbed my attention and was the savior of the book to keep it average positive, but was close.

I left this story with a sad feeling of disappointment after so much time thinking this could be it, in terms of a good shape shifter gay story, but it wasn't so. The second story line was started but one of the characters doesn't appeal to me and I foresee more of the same lacking of this one in the lot department, so...I leave it here with this one.
Grade: 5/10

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