Thursday, May 1, 2014

self publishing and the size looking of shelves

So, I should be writing about the books I've read recently because things are running late here as I've had too much to do at work and can't find the time to be online...but I just discovered Deborah Cooke is going into self publish.
I have nothing against self publish and I've read some posts by authors who do it about it and their reasons and I understand the whys and how difficult it can be for several reasons, like Elisabeth Naughton told at her blog.

I don't intend with this post to present a study about self publishing, but I feel like ranting a bit. I know most authors do it for the "right" reasons, let's call them this, it's often a matter of being able to publish and to keep respecting their readers. I applaud them that. I just can't help feeling annoyed at the ways it's the way of things and thankfully ms Cooke is a friendly and attentive author and she explained things to me, when she could have just send a link or something. I get it it's all business and the way for indie authors to be able to keep writing. 

I guess I wasn't aware of all the issues around self publishing. I always thought it as mostly because publishers wouldn't publish that anymore or in a lucrative way to the author. Isn't everything a matter of money in the world? I can't believe I was so naive about this, but well.
My personal rant is obviously abut my own POV about this and how it affects me..selfishness is in all of us. I like my shelves aligned by size. Of course I prefer to keep books by same authors together. Different formats don't allow this and it gets on y nerves. It's not something I'm obsessed with but it's still in the back of my mind... 
I wish it was possible to keep the same formats... things would be so simple and I'm sure many

readers agree.

Well, I'm not giving up on some of those new self published authors nor do I stop buying favorite series in print, despite prices. But I have the right as a paying costumer to rant on my own, right? I mean, I hope I'm not offending anyone, it's the way of the world, unfortunately I can't change things and I don't want to stop authors from publishing. I would rather have a perfect world but it's just not reality. But it would be so nice for authors to be able to publish the usual formats anyway...

These were just things in my head. It's just that I really would love to see my shelves the way I envisioned them... reality checking necessary.
At least I hope all the authors who can and want to self publish have success because it means readers are reading and finding what they love.

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