Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Song # 18

In the beginning of the month, it was aired the European Song Contest of 2014. This show happens every year and the show of the following year takes place in the winner's country.
The Eurovision Song Contest has an history since the 1956, th first year it happened. Most countries in Europe have, at least once, but nowadays, the show is a huge starting point for many contestants.
Here's the site, if you're interested.

My country didn't go to the finals this year, as it happens most times. It's unfortunate, but some countries seem to have a bigger...power presence, let's call it, than others...

Anyway,this year's winner was Austria and the contestant that represented the country was one of the most controversial ones due to her looks. She's a men dressed as woman and her song was indeed the best. I think it was a well given prize!
The runner up was Netherlands.
I hope you like the song, I thought it was such a good choice!

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