Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Elizabeth Grayson - Moon in the Water

Ann Rossiter is no man’s idea of the perfect wife, yet she has a chance—a single chance—to insure her future. To protect her unborn child, Ann agrees to marry a common riverboat pilot. In exchange, he’ll gain command of her stepfather’s magnificent new steamer—the Andromeda. But as they ply the western rivers together, Ann is drawn to her new husband, to his quiet strength and smoldering magnetism. Still, she dares not yield her heart for fear he will discover her most terrifying secret.
As the Andromeda steams toward the wilds of the Montana Territory, Chase Hardesty finds himself falling in love with his new bride. But when Ann’s past comes back with a vengeance, will their marriage of convenience end in tragedy—or in love forever?

Comment: I've got the book back in 2010 or 2011 and it was sent to me via bookmooch by one of the friends I have there. I wanted to read it because the story looked promising and romantic.

This is the story of Ann Rossiter, she's the daughter of a rich man, and she is pregnant and unmarried. Her father decides to change her situation by marrying her off to one of the pilots in his company, a mere riverboat pilot.
Chase is more than eager to pilot the new steamer. He has the skills and the knowledge to do so and it's his biggest dream. At first he doesn't accept the bargain but after a calculated move on the owner's son, Chase feels envious and accepts to marry, just to be able to pilot the steamer.
During the following months Chase and Ann start to come to terms to their situation and the feelings developing between them...

I found this story good enough. In the end I have to confess I wanted a bit more something, but the word that comes to mind is safe. The story followed a safe path and nothing too special, nothing that could have turned this into the spectacular level has happened. so in the end, the story delivered what was expected and it was enough, but not special.

The plot was interesting and provided several details pertaining the way of living in the late 19th century in that area. I think the scenery and the historical elements were added in the right amount to turn this into a believable story but not too much to make it boring. As for the romance parts, of course it's weird for a contemporary person but in the realm of imagination anything is possible and there are braver and more unlikely plots out there.

I liked Ann's story and her fears. Her character seemed something at first but as time goes by we learn a lot more about her and even the expected things about her past added some layers to her and helped the reader to have an opinion even if too obvious at times. 
Chase was a working man, he's honest and his character has many traits we like in a hero. I liked he never truly changed his character and he wanted what all of us do, respect and recognition by those he loves.
Chase and Ann's relationship doesn't star the best way, but I enjoyed seeing the subtle change in them towards the other and how they saw new things to like and to respect after a while.
The romance was ok but not as beautiful as I hoped for, because their change of minds wasn't as emotional or well presented as I imagined it could be. It lacked something.

In the end, a good enough story, interesting details all around, many good secondary characters but the romance didn't quite got there and that is why the grade isn't higher. It's a good romance, but it could have been amazing and the possibilities are so obvious and it's a pity it wasn't more.
Grade: 7/10

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