Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kat Murray / Hurri Cosmo

Prince Joron of Blade Rain was kissed by a man he had no idea was King Aric of Claymoor Doom. Of
course King Aric had no idea the one he kissed was even a man since Joron was dressed as a woman. Disguised in order to escape the newly crowned king of Blade Rain who just happens to be Joron's brother, Joron is swept off his feet by Aric when he is rescued by him from an assault. Aric is also swept off his feet by the beauty of the "woman" and that one amazing kiss. Aric, who is led to believe the beautiful woman he kissed is actually the princess, immediately goes to the king of Blade Rain and offers for the princess’s hand in marriage and his offer is accepted. Unfortunately, King Aric is now betrothed to Liarta, Joron’s sister. But an emergency has King Aric racing home without finding out the mistake he has made and now Joron must ride to Claymoor Doom to renegotiate the offer since Liarta is in love with someone else and does not want to marry King Aric.
Imagine Aric’s surprise when he discovers the Prince is the one he thought was the Princess! So Aric does the only thing he can think of. He will release Liarta from her obligation of marriage, but only if Joron takes her place... in the marriage bed.

But there are other forces at work as well and those forces are out for Joron’s life. At the death of his father, the former king of Blade Rain, Joron is suddenly the powerful new owner of the Ice Dragon Pass, the only safe route through the Norborne Mountains. There are those who would kill for that kind of power. And they have killed for it before…

Comment: This story was really a disappointment. I lied the idea of misunderstood identities but I didn't like any of the characters all that much and their motivations didn't alway add up to their actions which I think was meant to be the opposite. The protagonists didn't seem to suit that well, one being too domineering and treating the other like a possession and the youngest one so smart and dedicated for one thing and TSTL when it came to his personal relationship. It was also annoying practically everyone felt lust for the younger guy, come on. I think the world had promise and could be interesting to explore but things didn't work for me so I won't read more. There's a cliffhanger which many people hated but to me it's pointless to be annoyed because so many things before seemed worse for me. Taste is different for everyone and this story didn't work that much for me.
Grade: 4/10

*  *  *

Trace Muldoon can handle anything...As long as it has four legs, a mane wild as the wind, and a penchant for chewing hay. But when life tries to throw him off, that's when the rodeo star is at his best. 
Jo Tallen knows what she wants... And it's not a picket fence. She had a hard childhood, but now she's the boss of the town's best watering hole, she's got her friends and her neighbors, and there are plenty of eager ranchers around. She might have a thing for Trace--but there are too many complications. And the most dangerous is that whenever the hot cowboy bellies up to her bar, she just can't keep her hands to herself...

Comment: This is the second book in the Roped and Wrangled series. I liked Tracy in the previous book and I was hoping for a really romantic story for him. While the plot was interesting and mostly addictive to read, I still think the romance between the main characters was a bit lacking. Their relationship started slow but the change to something more serious didn't seem to go through a believable stage. Also the way the book ended was a bit more realistic if one thinks about real life, but in terms of romantic environments, I think it was a bit of a let down. I liked the protagonists' personal traits and how they tried to build something for themselves and how they valued certain things, like family and work. The story was good, the foundations too, I just would change the execution on the romance.
Grade: 7/10

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