Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kendall Mckenna - Strength of the Mate

Adam Madison is in Iraq, driving supply trucks for the Marines, but he still can't outrun his personal ghosts. Outside the wire, insurgents are a relentless threat. Inside, renegade werewolves are a constant danger.
Dawson Rivers is on a mission for the True Alpha---bring the rampaging shifters under control. Adam proves to be invaluable to his task. Their intense mutual attraction explodes into a powerful physical, and emotional connection.
Their future together is in peril, when Adam's convoy is ambushed.Can they learn to rely on the strength of their bond? Adam staying alive long enough for Dawson to find him depends on it.

Comment: Here it is another installment of this series which I've been enjoying so much. I'm so glad this new book was recently released and of course, I had to devour it straight away.

 In this new story, we have as protagonists, Adam, the younger brother to Tim from the previous book, and Dawson, the omega to the True Alpha. 
Adam is driving trucks in Iraq for the military, through an international company. He doesn't have many shifter friends, only acquaintances although his brother is such an important member of the shifter hierarchy.
Dawson comes to the Iraq city where the base is to help with some shifter problems and he meets Adam again. At first things were weird but as soon as Dawson realizes Adam is attracted to him, there's nothing to stop from going after Adam.

Once again, I really loved the story. I think there's an interesting clash between the shifter side of things and the military. I also believe I've said before it's very good the way the author uses both these aspects together without one seem to overpower the other, which makes the story flow and feel very easy to read and to follow. Despite this, it's very obvious how the slight paranormal side of things is used but it doesn't remove any feel of seriousness from the overall plot. In the end I thought the last scenes were a little bit over the top, but I'm not complaining because I've become very fond of this "world" and hopefully there are ore stories to come.

Te main romance was ok, especially those first chapters where there was a lot of sexual tension. I really like how the author uses this method to develop the main characters' story and slow start of relationship. As soon as they became intimate I had the feeling things started to decrease a bit in intensity, but on the other hand, it was clever of the author to make Adam rather clueless about certain shifter things, which allowed for an extended period of doubts and "getting to know what's happening" moments. Still, it is expected that, by now, most people related to shifters would be more knowledgeable...but well, part of the fun is to see how thy react to knowing what certain things actually mean to shifters.

The two main characters were good to know, I guess. 
Dawson still remains a bit of a mystery despite this book. I think the main issues were covered, namely he's honorable and important to that base ad the pack there and we know he plays an important role in Noah's hierarchy but not much more than that.
Adam we got to know better, mainly because the story is told from his POV (but not 1st person) and throughout the novel we got to understand his issues, his fears and his feelings of not being understood or loved and his immense guilt which shaped his behavior too. He was slow to make friends but of course, shifters don't give up easily and even more so after Dawson arrives. 
Obviously, after their relationship develops, both of them get better people, in a way.

In the end, this story was very enjoyable to me, I keep rooting for them and I'm still so curious to see more, to know more about the shifters and their lives.
It's so good to know there's a shape shifters world out there that delivers and fulfills all my expectations of a shifter world! I hope the author keeps the good work!
Grade: 8/10

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