Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl

On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick's wife, Amy, has disappeared. Nick is weak, Nick is a liar, and maybe he's not the very best of husbands — but is he a killer? Amy's diary reveals turmoil over their marriage, strange sicknesses, and her deep wish to be a mother — but is she telling the whole story? As the evidence slowly mounts, and the police investigation deepens, Nick is incriminated in horrible ways. He swears he didn't murder his beautiful wife and goes on the offensive to clear his name. The mystery of Amy's disappearance only gets more tangled as secrets unfurl from the web of their knotty marriage, and it becomes clear that something may have happened more disturbing than death.

Comment: This was one of the most talked books of 2012 and it won several awards and was in most lists of best books and such, from that year.
I only purchased my copy last year and it has been in the pile for another year and two months. My vacation has been this month and I decided to read it, for it has lots of opinions, from good to bad and although I tried to stay away from any spoilers, I knew the end didn't please everyone and I was curious.

This is the story of a young couple, Nick and Amy, and how Amy disappears on their 5th wedding anniversary. Of course Nick ends up as the most likely guilty one but as time goes by, some things don't seem to make sense, despite the growing clues against Nick. Did Nick kill his wife? Was she kidnapped? What happened and why?

If there is one thing we can keep to ourselves is what's in our minds and how we thought process our own ideas. No one can guess what we're thinking if we really don't want them to know, so who knows what's everyone around us thinking? Who knows how their mind is, and how trustful anyone can be? If there is one thing this book teaches us is to not believe everyone is exactly as they show themselves to the world...

This book is divided in three parts and with alternate narrator voices, both Nick and Amy's.
The first part shows us how th story is developing and why the things we see are happening like that. The couple's relationship seems perfect at some point but then by Amy's diary entries we start to see things weren't as perfect as that.
In the second part, we get most the clues for why this is happening and what's really behind Amy's disappearance and why is Nick the person others see as guilty. Finally the third part shows us how everything is going to end and the final chapters tell us about to people who might not be perfect, not by any means, but might be well suited. This is the biggest challenge about this story's moral lesson, let's say so, are those two meant to be together or not?

This story is full of lies and deceiving. Nothing we believe set in stone actually is like that. There's hidden meanings in everything and we got two main characters will flaws and particular personality traits anyone feels it can be discussed. I won't share details because it would be spoilers. Just let me say, sometimes what's in front of us and which we are meant to believe, isn't the reality as we know it, so... maybe the best thing for anyone to do is to take time to get to know someone better...

The best thing about the author's writing is how precise it is in each one of the narrator's. We can have the perfect image of who they are and that comes from the author's talent with words and psychological research about how people like Nick and Amy could be and exist.It's not easy because most people in the world follow patterns, but there are interesting - and perhaps even a bit philosophically - details about Nick and Amy's characters we might not understand but are there for us to see and think about.

The end I believe could be seen as suited although as soon as I finished I thought it was too bland for the type and tone of story I've read. There are some darker moments in the story, this strange vibe which the end didn't match. But if one thinks a bit about it, it might be suited after depends on the perspective one uses to see it.
I don't know if I'll read anything else by her so soon, but this one surely makes you think and wonder and be grateful for the simpler things in life...
Grade: 8/10


  1. I listened to this on audio, and it was really an excellent production. I'm glad I listened to it, because I'm not sure I could have gotten through the book had I tried reading it. Kudos to the author for taking me through the roller coaster that was the characters' psyches. One minute you're sympathetic towards one, and the next you think they're the most despicable person on Earth. It really keeps you off balance as a reader, which I think is a good thing when you're reading suspense.

    I strongly disliked the ending - mostly because of my own baggage. I felt like the author was trying to do a bait and switch "No really! I didn't lower myself to writing a genre book, it's really literature!!!" But that could just be me projecting. After contemplation I've decided the ending isn't so bad. I mean, really - didn't everybody get what they deserved in the end? LOL

    1. After finishing this book, I saw a 2012 thread at AAR where some readers were talking about how they were surprised over the duplicity of the characters.
      I guess this is the issue with reading famous books after their top time, because I felt the little words I heard here and there - no spoilers though, but it's hard to not listen to whispers - influenced me a little despite not knowing what would happen. It was still shocking to change my mind about them too, but like you, I thought the end wasn't right until I philosophy-think and then I guess they do suit each other... :)