Sunday, September 28, 2014

Annmarie McKenna - Court Appointed

After receiving several suspicious “gifts”, His Honor Jackson Benedict is assigned an agent for protection. He’d be fine with a bodyguard…if he was anyone but the man who enters his courtroom looking hotter than any man has a right to look. Thank God Jackson’s robe hides his interest.
Trey London is more than happy that Jackson has practically been handed to him on a silver platter. If his job requires he stay close to one of the country’s youngest federal judges, it’s no skin off his back. The closer the better, actually.
But someone else is getting closer, too, and when the gifts turn into attacks, Trey is forced to trade his status of new lover for that of protector. He’s not about to let anyone come between him and his judge.

Comment: I've got this book to read for a long time. The idea seemed to have great potential for a good romance based on the blurb alone. Although it is a short story, I had high hopes for it.

The story features the young judge Jackson Benedict who has been the target of several threats and Trey London, the bodyguard who will protect him until the bad guys are caught. There seems to exist some sort of attraction between them, but Jackson's position doesn't let him risk anything on a whim. And would Trey mean it if they got involved?

So, the book started pretty well, actually. We see how Jackson reacts to Trey's presence and how that affects him and I thought this would be one of those stories where they have always felt something about the other but never got to it until one day it was enough. This seemed to be the norm, and the first scenes were interesting until I figured they would jump into intimacy very fast. 
Now, I get it this is a short story so time is running fast, but one thing is to see the effect of time on a mutual attraction finally coming to term and another is to be told all that and then to see things move so fast. I didn't like the way the story was told. From the first interesting scenes we only see them run from the court, to have sex, to meet the parents, the threat is discovered and that's it. 

Once again, I know the story has a limited time to be developed, but nothing seemed to work well enough. I wasn't convinced about the guy's feelings despite they saying it has been a long time coming. I didn't get convinced of their feelings because they seemed to focus a lot on the sex part, so even if there was any true connection, I wasn't shown that, only that they got along, were attracted and their parents had different takes on them being together.

I don't think the most important issues in the story were developed right, or maybe the way the story was meant to be developed wasn't the right one chosen by the author. The way things are, it gives he idea we are meant to know more about everything, when in fact, we don't.
The reasons for the bad guy to threaten Jackson are simplistic and unlikely and too much work for not enough motivation. Weak let's say so.
The way some characters dealt with the guy's relationship seemed to be purposely antagonist. I don't know nothing seemed real, all was rehearsed and withe the fake vibe.

In the end, Jackson and Trey had everything to work out and in a more careful story or something it might work well. But as things are, the story not only didn't work for me, but it felt most of its possibilities weren't took to the best goal. My opinion, of course.
Grade: 3/10

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