Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jet Mykles - Noble

Donny “Foxy” Foxley is hot. Noble knows it. All those screaming teen girls know it. And so does the production company with their millions staked on the teen idol's dreamy good looks.
So when the supposedly straight movie star comes onto him, Noble is floored. Never one to ignore the allure of a pretty young man, Noble can't resist and doesn't even try. Why should he? Even if it has to be a secret, he’d be crazy to pass up a night of sexytimes with the one man everyone wants.
But one night turns into two, then blossoms into a friendship with the potential for so much more. If that’s what Noble was after, which he's not. But Foxy gets under Noble’s skin until he cares way too much. Because there can never be anything but sex between them. To the world, Foxy is straight and Noble is anything but.

Comment: This is the last installment in the Indigo Knights series by Jet Mykles. I've read all the books in the series and what they all have in common, besides the type of plot, is how to the point the stories feel, meaning there's a goal and the plot is dedicated to it, without useless sub plots, which actually works well in this author's case.

This is Noble's story. He's loud, out and proud and is loving the life of a successful rock star. He feels attracted to Donny Foxley at a party but since the actor is in the closet, he tries not to pursue him. However, the opposite happens, and they start a game of teasing until a separation comes in the form of an European tour for Indigo Knights.
After that, can they overcome the issue of Donny's hidden preferences and the fact they're developing serious feelings between them?

I liked the story. I'm used to the author's style in creating plots where there is conflict because of sexual preferences in one of the elements of the pair. In this case, Donny Foxley is in the closet and he can't just be out due to his contract. This allows the plot to slowly develop with a reason why things couldn't just change. The slow pace also helped the couple to know each other better, to be together, to develop feelings. I really liked the scene in the limousine where they each say a sentence and everything changes at last.

Noble and Donny are the sort of characters we see in ms Mykle's stories often. They are different in appearance, tastes and ways of living but as usual, different people find each other and always complement each other. This was slightly different from the majority of her stories because usually there's one character GFY (gay for you), but in this one it didn't, and in a way, that is like fresh air in a story by her. This doesn't mean it's bad or too much unexpected. I liked it and the way the characters interacted made it more believable.

The plot is pretty much dedicated to the main character's relationship and the troubles they have to face. The secondary characters are in an interesting position to give advice and offer a sort of comparison model, but the focus is always on Noble and Donny. 
Noble is known as a libertine, without romantic attachments but he is honest and doesn't want to hurt anyone. He is worried for Donny at first, because he thinks only Donny will have a broken heart if things get too serious, so it was sweet to see him fall too, even without realizing it.
Donny is doing a job he feels comfortable in, but everything that comes with it is a high price to pay when he starts falling in love with Noble. Still, in the end he makes choices and admits his feelings without fear.

The guys' relationship isn't only physical. The story's development puts them apart and in that time we can see them talking, thinking about each other and often communicating, which gives us, the readers, the idea they are bonding and having a relationship, knowing each other before accepting anything else. I think this is an important element to make the romance more credible.

All in all, I saw my faith in the author prove right and once again, something she wrote convinced me, despite the obvious make believe aspects of the plot. Still, it was a positive story, only it wasn't perfect because of some plot devices and a thing here and there they did which I thought shouldn't have been done. But overall, my enjoyment of the story wasn't ruined.
Grade: 7/10

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