Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recently read + spiritual paths

Recently a friend lent me this book by a Portuguese author. It's not a renown author even here, so her
work isn't that spread. I didn't know about it until that friend showed me it. 

Anyway, this book is the author's biographic tale of her experience in the pilgrimage Santiago's path, or the Spanish "Camino", which basically is the path the pilgrims used to walk in centuries past to go worship Santiago's remains at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Here is what it is.

The path used to be done mostly for religious reasons, but nowadays people do it for other reasons, in general for some spiritual guidance of some sort. I find myself really curious about it and I'd do it if I could, if only for the experience itself. It must be rewarding to do such a thing, to go on a search even if we don't know exactly what for.

The book is exactly that, a sort of diary the author has written about her experience, how it went, why she did it, what she found on her path, how she made it and who she met on thr way. I liked reading it, although not fiction it can be read a bit like it.

I think this sort of books can be inspiring and hers was for me, not that it highlights any huge religious ideas or notions, because it doesn't, but it's comforting to know we can look for something and get to know ourselves a bit more in the process. This journey can be purely psychological, or moral or in our heads, but actually physically walking must help it and surely gives it a push.

Personally I liked the book's tone, the little things, the detailed journey from the starting pint to the aimed end. It wasn't always easy but it felt special nonetheless.

There are many paths to follow to reach the end but the French way certainly feels more special.
I like these kinds of books, that feel suggestive but not pushing. That teach without being boring.
I'm glad I've read it and I'm sure there are may other examples out there...

The book's title can be translated into "angels without wings" because the author thanks all of those who help the pilgrims along the way, whether friends in the path, people that work in the houses where pilgrims rest between stages and even anyone who is at the right place on the time.
I really liked the book.

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