Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Luis Miguel Rocha

Comment: Just a quick note/mini-review.
This is another one of those books a Portuguese friend has and them let's me borrow it. Again, it's a story about religion and politics and some mystery, very alike Dan Brown's work.
It's about a mystery focusing on several characters connected to a secret which was how one of the popes had a daughter and that she has been hidden for all her life. She still managed to have her own child too but now someone wants to exchange her with ransom money.
The book is mostly centered about how a bunch of police men, nuns, priests and unknown people get tangled in all this. I think it offers a lot of interesting knowledge about the Vatican and popes and political backgrounds in that area, but in terms of story I wasn't completely sold.
Many things seem to happen impulsively and the narrative often jumps from moment to moment without a connection link so I was left wondering what was leading where and that put me off of some scenes.
The characters may be well done but there a lot of times where I just wished they would just say what they meant instead of leaving things up in the air. I understand the need for mystery and suspense but the effect wasn't always positive, I think.
All in all, this was entertaining enough but not captivating to the point where I couldn't put it down. It's easily read but not very appealing all the time.
Just average for me.
Grade: 5/10

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