Sunday, August 2, 2015

100 Things I Love

I saw on Christine's blog, a long time ago, that she posted her 100 favorite things and invited her readers to do the same and I thought it was a great idea. I do hope Christine blogs more...she has many amazing posts and ideas.
In the past months I've kept a draft in my blog about such a post and I've been thinking about it even more recently it's very late in the game but it's done.
The following are some of my favorite things, both objects and ideas.

Rainy days with nothing to do
Cod with cream
My parents
My house

my warm bed
to feel at ease
to have things under control
White things
Darker colors in my nail polish
to buy books
to surf the net at will
spring flowered trees
sunny days

pictures of lakes
pictures of castles
listen to music before going to sleep
open my bedroom's door and see my books
watch tv and eat peanuts
Go home after a day at the beach
to feel closure over things

happy endings
a good romance
to browse books
to try new recipes
my family
my cat

warm milk when I have a cold
stay in bed when it's raining
have lunch with my best friend
picturing a train travel in Austria
hot milk and coffee in the winter
cold milk and coffee on summer
Happy songs to feel good
beautiful designs on boxes
to sit on a chair in my backyard reading a book

breathe the air after it rains
choose a perfume
think about positive things
walks in spring
feel peaceful after a god day at work
friendly people
be calm
to have my shoes lined up

colored pens in my desk
say good morning to people
go to bed early when I want
Sleep until later reading a book
looking for books to offer
wrapping up presents
entering my local library when it's mostly empty 
eat an ice cream
find a good discount on something
listen to the sound of a wind chime

to see others respecting nature and people
talking to my best friend
sending handwritten letters 
to have a tasty meal when I'm hungry
to deeply inhale after curing a cold
eat a raw carrot
petting my cat
help someone when they need
listen to may parents talk outside when I'm at home
seeing my grandmother's smile when I visit her

finish a book even if I didn't like it
learning weird facts
to imagine my family will be eternal
to know I did a good deed
drawing (if not that well, though) 
finding new songs to like
hopeful things
think I'll be successful at something
landscapes' paintings or images
dream wars in the world could end easily if only people wanted it for real

comfortable pillows
to wish I won the lottery
having a routine I can follow
plan an adventure despite that
watch the stars at night
to think about things others might not
having a kiss from my small cousins when they visit
watch my soccer club winning everything
Planning on being happy

Bonus 101
Trying to be the best person I can when it comes to things that matter.

Share yours if you can!

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