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Jodi Thomas - The Texan's Reward

Years ago, Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton bailed an orphaned girl named Nell out of trouble more times than he could count. But now the kid he once called "Two Bits" has grown into a beautiful young woman—and is in more trouble than ever before.
Wounded in an ambush, Nell refuses to become a burden for her former guardian angel. Unfortunately, her injury has made it impossible for her to handle the ranches she's inherited, so she decides to get herself a husband. One thing's for sure: She isn't about to let Jacob bully her into saying "I do." When Jacob steps in line for her hand, Nell is forced to weigh her need for his help against a love too strong to allow him to sacrifice his future for her.

Comment: This is the last installment in the Wife Lottery series by Jodi Thomas. Apparently the series was supposed to be a trilogy but "evolved" into a series because Nell's story had to be told too.
This is the story of Nell, someone the three ladies of the previous books befriended. Nell was a secondary character but in the third story had an accident and now her story is worth telling too. Nell needs a husband to help her with her properties, an heritage from the woman who always took care of her.
Jacob Dalton is the Texas Ranger who knew Nell when she was a child and swore to protect her. Now she's a grown woman and needs help and he wants to be the person she looks up for help, not some stranger.
Despite the obstacles, mostly the emotional ones each of them thinks is what maters, can these two be finally happy together?
I think this book is better than the previous two. All things considered, this series works for me mostly because of the first book. I think that is the one that really focus on a romantic story. All the others seem to be more dispersed in terms of content.
This one has a heartwarming story, many amazing characters whose paths I a joy to read about, but the main romance disappointed me.
I liked the relationship between the characters. Every person in the story had a purpose and I liked knowing more about them. I liked getting to know them, something that happened a lot through the gestures and actions they had, more than just what they would say. Not all authors can portray engaging characters this way, but in this book that happened. Not so in the other books. Book #2 in particular seemed much more boring to me than any other and I wasn't curious about secondary people.
This fourth book had a great environment, characters you wanted to know more about and an execution that seemed more polished, more thoughtful than some of the others.
I think is the second best, after the first.
The main couple's romance disappointed me. I think each character is worthy on their own, though.
Nell has suffered a lot, but always showed a witty and friendly attitude towards everyone, she's likable and friends take seriously the task of defending and helping her.
When the book starts she's in a very difficult physical condition but she tries, she never gives up and she hasn't lost her intelligence. I liked Nell.
Jacob is an obviously decent guy but he has a job that doesn't allow him to be too long at the same place. Although I understood that, it was still one point of interference to the romance.
Their relationship started as friendship and now both think differently. However, the way things are written isn't very romantic of appealing. Honestly the romance parts between them weren't captivating enough for me and I could easily read those parts looking for the things I liked more.
Maybe the way things are written affects my opinion, but it just didn't seem interesting to know how they were attracted if it took the whole book for them to finally be together and even the epilogue told us they weren't always near each other because of his job. I mean, it's difficult to imagine a believable and glowing HEA that way.
As for the rest of the story, there are some action scenes that I also didn't feel very motivated to read. They seemed dislocated from the other parts. I really preferred the scenes where many characters were together.
I also found weird there was only one or two little references to the previous couple's stories, like they didn't as much just seems this story was slightly isolated.
All in all I do have to say this is a worthy end for the series but as it happened with the previous installments, some parts of the story didn't seem to be as interesting as others so it was easy to read but not always special to do so.
Nevertheless, I'm glad they had an HEA.
Grade: 7/10

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