Friday, September 18, 2015

Milestone... or not

Today is my birthday.
I'm not very happy with it, I'm turning 30.
I never thought, fifteen years ago for instance, that today my life would what it is. I don't feel like I'm a grown up, I don't think I've met any of my teenage goals and I still don't have any control over my independence and choices because I don't have a steady job or situation that I could hang on to.
I know nowadays people live day to day but I'm old fashioned that way and it bothers me I can't do what I want because I don't have the freedom to do so, at least not in the way I thought I would.
I really hope things change...
The only thing, apart from special people and family, that has never, ever, left me alone is my books. I can count on them to support, cheer and lighten me up.
Any birthday I have must include my passion for reading and my love for my books.
I hope I won't ever loose this.
Today is my birthday but books is the real gift to be celebrating.
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  1. There's something about turning 30 - it was a birthday I took hard as well. Whereas turning 40 this year barely registered for me outside of "I'm 40?! Where did the time go?!" But 30 I wanted to stay in bed, hide under the covers and binge on chocolate.

    I do hope you have a happy birthday, despite any disappointments you may be feeling with Real Life, and may you read nothing but amazing books in the year ahead.

    1. Wendy, thank you.
      Yes, it's hard to acknowledge that time is passing and I still feel a teenager. Not emotionally, but because I feel I lack control over many things.

      I spent the day reading actually!
      Books do help!