Monday, October 19, 2015

Blog Anniversary!

My blog is now 5 years old!!

I'm still surprised at how much effort I've committed to put into this and how I'm hanging on and still willing to write down things about the books I read. 

As you, readers that are friends and curious about my small spot, can see... I've changed a few things in the layout, the most important one being the title of the blog. In fact, I comment about all the books I read and in the order in which I read them. All of them, good and bad. So, if my humble blog is plainly a diary of what I read...thus the new name. One I've been considering and wanting to use for a while now.
I might change more layout things next year if I'm here.

I know this is mine and I should like to see it any way I prefer, but I also hope you are comfortable with how this looks. Any suggestions, feel free to share.
I'm going back to reading now and...I guess I'll see you in tomorrow's post.

Happy reading!

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