Friday, October 16, 2015

Patrice Michelle - Perception

She'd barely survived the treacherous drive to Kaitlyn's house through an ice storm. Then, forced to break in when she couldn't find the key, Abby was immediately grabbed by someone in the dark. She gave her assailant the fight of his life...until his accusation that she was a burglar told her a mistake had been made. Now, facing her opponent, she was overwhelmed by an electric attraction more intense than any she'd ever felt.
Gabriel was impressed by this fascinating spitfire. He also felt the most intense desire of his life--a relentless need so powerful it tore him apart. He understood immediately that Abby was the "one"--the female destined as his mate for life. But Abby wasn't like the other females he'd been with. For one thing, she was "human." Gabriel didn't trust humans one bit. But the realization hit him--if he was to win Abby, he would have to win "her" trust...and Abby wasn't going to make it easy.

Comment: This is a short story written by Patrice Michelle and is the final story in her Scions trilogy. I mean, there were the books of the trilogy and now a fourth story just to end it.
I thought, since it was so small, I could easily read it and I could have closure about the books and relax because it's one less series to have pending.
This short story presents us Abby and Gabriel, characters that know Kaitlyn, from book #2. Abby is going to spend some time at Kaitlyn's cabin but she is attacked when she tries to break in after not finding the key where Kaitlyn told her it was.
Gabriel is installing an alarm at the cabin and he thinks Abby is a burglar and when he tries to stop her, she defends herself quite well and they fell and Gabriel, being a werewolf scents her and realizes she can be his mate.
The rest of the story is Abby and Gabriel quickly giving in to their attraction and making it clear they're going to try to have a relationship.
I appreciated that they didn't profess everlasting love right away and I do get the need for speed and fast decisions and impressions mattering but as always, the problem is how believable is really is to accept two strangers can feel a connection after such a short amount of time, even if one of them is a werewolf.
Gabriel is sexy and never trusted humans but he can't help wanting Abby, for many reasons, most of all, she's his mate. I would have liked to know more about him and his back history because I feel we got to know Abby in a more general sense when we learn she's running from a bad split and betrayal.
I don't have much to say apart that the story of their relationship never convinced me and that is sad - but understandable considering the theme, the type of books where this one belongs in terms of label - that so much of the short amount of time in this story is dedicated to the couple having sex. I'd rather prefer learning more about them and seeing them interact in a more thoughtful manner.
All in all, as average as the others, but because it's shorter, different paces should apply.
Grade: 5/10

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