Friday, February 19, 2016

About the new Harry Potter...

Well, since the news a new Harry Potter book would come out so many people have become enthusiastic and excited about it and to be able to get back to a world that conquered many.
Myself included.
I feel happy too but then I noticed this isn't a new book written by JK Rowling with our beloved characters!
This is a play script based on Harry Potter and presenting a version of what would have happened in Harry's grown up years. I have nothing against it, but part of me feels reticent of getting it not only because it's not a novel written by the original author but also because it might be written in a way I can't enjoy and what if that ruins part of my everlasting love for the world and series?
Of course my enjoyment and feelings towards the series won't change, but new versions always make us see different things about beloved worlds. I don't think I'll read this, in a way it's better to leave things where they are and maintain the emotions the books gave me.
What about you, are you  - Harry Potter fans - going to read this new book/play?

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