Saturday, July 30, 2016

And two more books...

I haven't had the best time lately when it comes to reading time, I'm so far behind on my reading! Obviously it's very nice to have work but summer means more business for me and less time to simply read.

I'll just write a couple of sentences about these two books, things I've read several days ago but I don't have much to say about either, so...


Once a highly regarded member of the Moon Clan, one of the secretive, notorious Masked, Naoki was afflicted by a terrible, incurable curse in the line of duty. Now, for the safety of the clan and all they protect, he spends his day exiled to a remote mountain region, far from the islands he once called home.
His misery is briefly lifted when he chances upon a man being attacked by bandits—a man who proves to be far more than he appears, who needs the unique skills Naoki can provide, and can offer far more than Naoki ever dared hope he could find.

Comment: I was very curious about this story because I've read the previous one recently (Behind the Mask) and it was one of the best novellas I've read this year! I wanted to reproduce the same experience and find another amazing little story but this one didn't captivate me as much. The relationship developed too quickly and although the emotional connection was sweet at times and practical at others and the end was very hopeful and happy, I still think certain things happened too fast and weren't as well paced. Yes, this is a short story but the fact is the previous book was too and all the elements were presented in a better structure.
Grade: 6/10


All through her life Marcelle Auclair assiduously studied the writings of Teresa of Avila. She admired in her an essentially modernwoman: inventive, practical, gallant and intrepid, with tremendous organizational capacities, whose genius permitted her to break through the restrictions of her time. Madame Auclair decided to retranslate the saint's writings and to write her life. With characteristic determination, she attempted to obtain the seemingly impossible (it had never been done before) - an authorization from the Holy See to enter the Carmelite cloisters in Spain and to gather authentic background material for her projected work. The permission was granted. On her return to Paris she gave up all her professional obligations and for two years virtually went into retreat, devoting her entire time to the accomplishment of what is no doubt the most vivid existing biography of this great saint.

Comment: This is another book I borrowed from my Portuguese friend. Again, I'm not exactly fond of this sort of books but  I try to be honest and I don't want to be rude but yes, it was quite the task to go through some of the titles she gives me to read. 
This is the story of Saint Teresa D'Avila, a Spanish saint from the 16th century. As with most saints, she had a life dedicated to her church and beliefs. This saint didn't always feel the connection to God but when she did, she embraced it with everything she had and went a step further. She wanted to be cloistered, where she could pray and life simple and quiet days. However, she embarked on the task of reforming convents and monasteries because the religious orders were out of control with all the permissions and lack of rules. She wasn't well liked by many but she was successful in making a religious order synonymous of rules and silence. 
I liked the book, some episodes were even funny to read about but obviously the writing isn't very captivating every time, despite informative.
Grade: 6/10

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