Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Just thought about sharing some things I found online and another book comment...

1) https://media.bookbub.com/blog/2016/06/28/book-lover-confessions/
As always, the blog at BookBub is a site I like to visit sometimes foe their reading lists and topics and the funny things they have, like this list of things any book lover would say. I especially like and agree with idea #1!

2) One of the most recent books I've read was the auto biography of Saint Terese of Lisieux that someone let me borrow. I was not particularly interested in it, but it was an interesting read about someone who wanted to be a nun - no sudden call with her, she always just knew - as well as all her sisters! Odd for out times, I suppose. 
The writing was very simple and filled with heartwarming ideas of catholic notions. Despite all the religious ideas, I think the historical parts also have some interest and that was what I looked for the most. 
There are some parts obviously added by someone else, describing her death and the years after until she was recognized as a saint by the Church.

3) I saw this image online and decided to share it. It's funny :)
Happy reading! 


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