Sunday, October 16, 2016

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - The Great Escape

Lucy Jorik is a champ at never embarrassing the family she adores—not surprising since her mother is one of the most famous women in the world. But now Lucy has done just that. And on her wedding day, no less, to the most perfect man she's ever known.
Instead of saying "I do" to Mr. Irresistible, Lucy flees the church in an ill-fitting blue choir robe and hitches a ride on the back of a beat-up motorcycle plastered with offensive bumper stickers. She's flying into the unknown with a rough-looking, bad-tempered stranger who couldn't be more foreign to her privileged existence.
While the world searches for her, Lucy must search for herself, and she quickly realizes that her customary good manners are no defense against a man who's raised rudeness to an art form. Lucy needs to toughen up—and fast.
Her great escape takes her to his rambling beach house on a Great Lakes island. Here, she hopes to find a new direction . . . and unlock the secrets of this man who knows so much about her but reveals nothing about himself. As the hot summer days unfold amid scented breezes and sudden storms, she'll also encounter a beautiful, troubled beekeeper; a frightened young boy; a modern-day evil queen; and a passion that could change her life forever.

Comment: This is the last installment in the Wynette, Texas series by author Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
I think I've previously said enough about the writing, the style and the whys of enjoying the books by the author. I won't take too long with this comment when most things were said in my comments on the other books.
In this final story, the book starts with Lucy running away and the action pace goes along the same time as Call Me Irresistible did, meaning we get parallel situations here but obviously from Lucy's perspective.

Lucy Jorik is running from the perfect man because deep in her heart she knows their relationship isn't as perfect. She escapes her own wedding, she leaves a mess and the idea she's disappointing the people she loves the most.
Helping her is Panda, a man who gives her a ride and presents himself as Ted's friend. She barely pays attention, because her head is getting numb. She stays with him for a while until she decides what she want to do and who she really is besides crazy, after all. But time and space make Lucy understand some things and not even an almost betrayal makes her go home in shame.
When Lucy makes a surprising decision, in come more friends more challenges and maybe, if she acts as smart as she is, love as well. But will Lucy find what she is missing?

As always, the author has written a great story, well structured, a good fluid narrative about two people who apparently have nothing in common but end up being perfect to each other. It was great too see another emotional journey with characters we like and enjoy spending time with. I think this is one of the author's best qualities, how to make us care and be interested in the characters and what they do and why they are in the situations we are reading about.
Sure, not everything is very realistic or easy to solve as it appears in books, but I like this idea the characters need to get to something, even if only a goal of normalcy or happiness and we go along for the ride.

The main couple of this novel as quite good. Both Lucy and Panda had qualities, little irritating things too, but overall I liked them and the path they took towards happiness. I can understand why this book could have looked weaker than some others but I think it's author's trademark and it was well presented. I liked all the secondary characters as well, I liked the lessons we are expected to get while the action develops and I eve liked the HEA.

Sure, not everything is wonderful and I'd change certain scenes or situations, but overall I had as much fun and entertainment with this novel as I did with all the others. The main couple captivated me and I was interested in learning things about them. How amazing it would be if everyone could have epiphanies or could find what they look for in life like these fictional characters do...
This might not be perfect, but it works for me.
I'm sorry the series has ended but I'm certainly a fan now and will read more by the author as soon as I can or as soon as she publishes more.
I'm also glad the stories by her are well thought and recognizable, always making me feel happy I have something by her to read.
Grade: 8/10

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