Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lane Hayes - A Kind of Truth

Rand O’Malley dreams of superstardom. He hopes to one day sing the blues like a rock god. Moving to New York City and hiring a new manager are steps to make his dreams a reality. But nothing moves as fast as Rand would like, and everyone has opinions, which include he keep certain pieces of himself quiet if he plans on making it in the Big Apple. Like his bisexuality.
Will Sanders is a gifted musician who dazzles Rand with his ability to coax gorgeous notes from an electric guitar one moment and play the piano like a professional the next. He’s a geek, but Rand isn’t concerned about Will’s pressed exterior clashing with his tattoos. His focus is music. Yet there’s something about Will that makes Rand think there’s much more to the quiet college student than he lets on. As Rand’s dreams begin to materialize, he’s forced to reconsider his priorities and find his own kind of truth. One that might include Will.

Comment: I was told about this book on GR and somehow agreed with a friend to buddy read it. Then it ended up not being a good buddy read attempt as I read this in one day and my friend only started after. Still, I simply feel glad because this was a story I enjoyed a lot.

In this book we have Rand's story, he's the lead singer and guitar player in an emerging band and he thinks he needs to improve his musical technique while the new guitar player the band has is getting used to play their songs and so on. He meets Will, a geek college student who is very talented with musical instruments. They agree on some lessons but Rand can't help but feel interested and attracted to Will. 
Will has a secret, though and when Rand realizes what it is, his curiosity can't be avoided and the two of them end up together. From there, a relationship begins but can it last?

I had a great time reading this book. It is entertaining, it has interesting characters and the plot isn't boring. There are a couple of things I would change so no, this is not a perfect book but it worked out extremely well, all things considered.
This is also the first book I'm trying by the author and although each book is different, I feel very hopeful in trying other things by her. I'm going to read the next stories in this series and if I like them all, this can potentially be an author to look out for in the genre.

This is a book that focuses on the lives of Rand and Will. Because Rand is in a rock band, many of the situations portrayed mention musical elements and many details about what it's like to be part of a band and which expectations come from it, especially if the band isn't known yet. I didn't find this boring, the information given isn't too detailed so we have some idea but it's not too much and at the same time the surroundings present a good atmosphere for the plot to develop.

The best part of all this is obviously the romance! I liked this wasn't an insta-love scenario and that it took some time for the main characters to think about the other romantically and because we have the 1st person narrator of course we empathize better with Rand, but his relationship with Will was well done, despite only having his input. I liked how seemed to act almost carefully around the other. It was nice too how the author included everyday scenes from their lives, for instance Rand's job in the bagel shop and little scenes of Will's help with music...and the best thing was how sex between them wasn't in every two pages. It did make the story feel more serious and well thought.

I think the two things I would go without were probably the details that annoyed most people but I manages to overlook or simply not focus on so they became just noise and not something I couldn't put aside. I'm talking about Will's parents and the role they had in the antagonism of the romance towards the end of the story and Will's secret identity of sorts.
Will's father isn't someone who puts others first and is in a position he feels he can force Will to act a certain way but I was just so happy with the romance and the little steps taken for them to admit they were in love, I didn't lose time focusing on Will's parents and why they weren't there for him. It was just a detail in the background for me.

I also could step aside from Will's secret and all the tricky stuff that came with it and why he felt he needed that escape, no matter how valid the reasons. I chose not to think about it for real so although it was part of the plot, it wasn't vital to my enjoyment and despite being there, I could not focus on it as well.
I found it made this book a lot better for me if I didn't focus on the things I didn't like so much. This is not possible in all books, but the writing here allowed me to feel this way.

I was just happy with the way this story was developing. I liked how the main characters evolved because of each other, how they - without over the top situations or actions - gradually accepted one another and felt better in each others' company. Somehow, things were done in a way I really liked so, basically, this was a winner for me. I'm also very eager to read the next books soon.
Grade: 9/10

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