Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Statistics and Books of 2016

To conclude these first posts of the year, I'm leaving some numbers of 2016 and the books that stood out for me, both the positive and the negative ones.


In 2016 I've read 202 books, more in August (21 books) and less in February, March and July (14 books). This means an average of 16,83 books/month.
All these books mean 63158 pages, an average of 5263/month. Curiously, I've read more pages in April (6357) and less in March (3992).

Of all the books read, 121 were by known authors to me and 81 by new authors.

The first book of the year was The Stolen Princess by Anne Gracie, in the middle was First Lady by SEP and the last one was The Ice Child by Camilla Lackberg.

Of all the books I read, I loved 13, liked 106, thought 68 were so-so, I didn't enjoy much of 15 but thankfully didn't hate any.
The genres I read the most were Historical (46), Contemporary (44), M/M (36), Paranormal Romance (33), Fictional books (27), Fantasy/Sci-Fi (9) and thrillers (7).

I've purchased 71 books, spending around 528,24€. An average of 5,91 books and 44,02€/month.
I spent more in October, 13 books and 81,79€ and less in January (0€ yay).

My TBR says 575 on Goodreads but some of them I don't actually have yet and I have some I didn't add to the site, so I'll round up things to 590. I know, it's huge and I can't keep up...

Books Read!

I must say I don't have one specific book I loved so much I could live with it by my side all the time... I gave 5 stars to 13 books but I recognize they also have faults. They worked perfectly to me for some reason but they aren't books any reader could love universally. 
Yes, everyone has a different taste but when it comes to very successful books, it's general consensus that more people would like than dislike it... maybe it's my own taste that is changing or I simply didn't hit the "right" books to love to the extreme!

Anyway, here is a little list, but my choices aren't exclusively 2016 releases:

😸 TOP 5 Favorites (in no specific order)

Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh, a story about almost the whole cast of the previous books which made me smile so often to simply see them all all the time.

Salt Bride by Lucinda Brant, a story about a couple that was separeted by jealous people and circunstances but reunited with bad felings years later. Happiness is close, however, unless the villain acts again.

Ember's Island by Kimberly Freeman, a story about a woman who escapes her UK life and goes to Australia at a time where the country was still a little wild and in trying to have a new life, she can't help but putting it all in risk for penance and love.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Housseini, a story about a young boy in Kabul before the war and how he changed with the changes around him and how, so emotionally, he returns one day to honor a promise.

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews, a story about Kate and Curran and the challenges they now face, even after trying to separate themselves from power struggles, and how they can't let their conscience tell them to just not care...

😸 TOP 3 M/M (in no specific order)
I tend to read an m/m book with a different eye, not that the books are so different but I still like to highlight them in my lists.

Glitterland by Alexis Hall, a story of an unlikely couple who still manages to be the best part of one another and despite the odds, gets the HEA.

Him by Sarina Bowen/Elle Kennedy, a story about a friendship that ended because of a dare and now it's time to see if old wounds can mend or if there wasn't ever anything to mend...

Anything by KJ Charles, because every book I read by the author was amazing, some more than others, but all great.

😸 TOP 3 Disappointments (in no specific order)
Yes, books that didn't win one's over need room as well.

The Beast by Judith Ivory, a story about  a couple that meets in a ship, he doesn't tell her his identity and they marry later on when she thinks he isn't worthy of her because she still thinks about the unknown lover of the ship.

Love Me Back to Life by Elle G. Mraz, a story about a nurse grieving and how she tries to get back on her feet by seducing a doctor at work but their relationship isn't as easy as she thought it would be.

Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan, a story about a woman who gets involved with a strange man, who belongs to a strange family and how she is the middle of their business with yet another strange group/family but they end up together.

This concludes another reading year. I'm looking for to read some summaries of you who have blogs too.
And, for the third time in a row...happy reading!! 💛


  1. I read Glitterland in 2015 and it made my Best Of for that year.

    2016 was the year I finally tried Judith Ivory, although my choice was The Proposition and a twist in the plot sent me into a rage. I've got at least one more Ivory in the TBR (The Indiscretion? I think?) and I'm debating with myself if I even want to go there....

    1. Well.... I don't know what to say, I only read two by her, the one above and The Proposition, which I liked. I thought the twist was a bit too much but I was still getting interested in romance so I also found it sweet and romantic somehow lol