Monday, January 2, 2017

TBR Challenge 2016 Summary

Happy New Year everyone! 💜
I hope the past two days have been fun and filled with good moments with your families and friends!

So, it's the beginning of the year and it's time for some summary posts about the past reading year.
The first for me will be a brief post about the reading challenge I was part of last year. Again, I did the TBR challenge hosted by Wendy and I had a great time once more.

As for my books, here is a small comment on each one!

JanuaryA Mackenzie Clan Gathering by Jennifer Ashley (short story)
A warm story about the Mackenzie family and a gret oportunity to see all the beloved characters again, even if the plot isn't the best ever in the series.

February: Light My Fire by GA Aiken (series catch-up)
I'm still behind in this series but this was another good installemnt in the adventures of a cast of characters I care about. I still think that this wasn't as best as previous books but it was great to see the dragons go on in their battles and romances...

March: The Duke's Tattoo by Miranda Davis (recommended read)
What a great surprise, i was enchanted by this romance between a duke and the woman who somehow managed to tattoo his.... well, read and find out!

April: Country Roads by Nancy Herkness (contemporary)
The second installment in a trilogy I liked quite much overall. This book seemed better than the first but there was some deeper emotion missing. Sill worth the read if you like horses. 

May: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (something different)
Not sure what to expect but there was a lot of buzz surrounding this book. The romance between a vampire and a witch was interesting as were all the amazing details and history facts. But some parts were a bit boring and the purpose gets a bit lost... 

June: Hero by Samantha Young (favorite trope)
This story wasn't bad but the relationship between the main characters felt rather weak when compared to other books by the author. I liked the "class" differences but the way the romance developed could have been much better!

July: The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery ( RITA finalist)
Interesting theme and story, great romance and very special scenes and chapters. Could have used a better development but overall I enjoyed this contemporary romance. 

August: Bread Alone by Judith Ryan Hendricks ( Kicking old school)
This was a surprise because it has a lot more drama than what I usually enjoy but the life of the protagonist who found in baking an escape and a chance seemed well done. The following books in the trilogy/series don't appeal to me but this was one intrigued me.

September: Trade Me by Courtney Milan (Random Pick)
Very curious to see how thr author would be in contemporaries and was impressed, again. The intelectual and emotional elements are wonderfully done if just a bit too much at times. But the character's relationship was good.

October: Savage Awakening by JD Tyler (Paranormal suspense)
Another positive surprise, the previous book wasn't very strong but this one glued me to it and I didn't want to stop reading about the team of soldiers who have special powers and find love...

November: Harper's Bride by Alexis Harrington (Historical)
It could have been better but it was as weet story, not an original concept in historicals but I liked spending time with the characters and the romance had its moments. 

December: A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas (holidays)
I was saving this for this month and it was great to see all the beloved characters again. The romance felt rushed but it's a short story so... still cute enough to make me smile and remember everyone's stories.

😆 And this was it. Interesting stories, none too bad but one too perfect either. It was a balanced challenge in terms of picks!
I'm already eager to know which surprises I might get for the 2017 challenge too!
Happy reading!

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