Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to choose what to read?

I was looking at the books I yet have to read... well, not all of them, they're quite a lot, but I was looking at them and realized I have several books to keep me busy (even more so when I keep buying them...) but I really feel the issue of not being able to read everything "right now".

I was wondering, how do you guys choose what to read next?
Often, a reader's big dilemma is which book to choose or what to read next. I confess I don't really find this a struggle because I have monthly lists. At the end of the year, or close to it, I write down 12 lists, one for each month, containing titles I want to read. I always leave some room for books I know I'll pre order and will want to read when they are finally released and also for books people lent me and I usually feel like reading those as soon as possible to hand them again to their owner.

The problem with this tactic is that I often forbid myself from reading things just because; I like to maintain some order in my reading, I feel like I'm going through my TBR list in a steady pace (yes, adding more books shouldn't happen but...) and I like it when I finally get one more book done.

The fact I try to read my own created lists means I usually leave books everyone is talking about for another time. 
I also leave many books for a long time after I got them and when I get to them they no longer have the same appeal.
Because I can't read all day, and some books are more difficult than others, many books are left behind and I feel sad to think of them all alone...

I know it's quite silly to think these things, there are more serious things in real life to worry about, but reading is something every reader considers vital so often thoughts about reading stuff occupy my mind.
I have monthly lists I try to follow as well as I can, I only add new books to my list for that month if it's a book I really wanted that has just been released or a borrowed book or, if I'm really fast, books from the pile that weren't in my list but suddenly I have time for them. I like to organize my reading...
What about you?

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