Saturday, May 27, 2017

Leslie A. Kelly - Cold Sight

Aidan McConnell once used his special psychic abilities to help find the missing. But after the media made him the scapegoat for a child’s death, he retreated from the world and became a recluse.
Lexie Nolan is a small-town reporter with big vision. She was the first to connect a series of disappearances among teenage girls to a serial killer…but nobody will listen to her.
Lexie is in desperate need of help from the sexy psychic who's an expert in finding people. And even though Aidan loathes the media, he can’t help being drawn in to the passionate, beautiful reporter.
Nor can he resist helping her on this particular case. Because he knows the latest missing girl.
And he knows time to save her is running out. 

Comment: This was the book chosen for the book club I usually participate in. I had never heard about the author but I was surprised to enjoy the story enough. I'll try to keep an eye on the author or, at least, I'll try to read the next story in the series.

This is a contemporary mystery/suspense with some elements of paranormal and a romance.
Aidan is an empath of sorts who can know things by sensing them in others, by studying objects or testimony of people and then he tries to connect with the other person. This has helped him having a professional career as an investigator and he, along with his team, have specialized in crimes and disappearances. However, one bad case has send him to self seclusion to Granville, an apparent quiet town but where teenage girls from the poor side of town have been missing.
Lexie Nolan is a reporter and apart from her direct boss, no one seems to care about the facts which has forced to apologize for a piece she wrote and now she's stuck in non important events. But knowing Aidan is near by can be the help she needed and she tries to contact him. From then on, it's only a matter of time until the truth comes up...

I can say I liked this novel and it has some interesting elements and scenes. I especially liked how the heroes tried to understand and study each clue so they could help the latest missing girl and find out who is the villain.
There were two details I liked less but maybe it's just my personal taste that can't separate my preferences from possibilities.

I really liked Aidan and Lexie, especially because despite the fact their romance was a bit faster, there was something to make it look less instantaneous. Basically, because Aidan has psychic abilities, their connection comes from feelings and the fact they bond and seem to be in sync with each other. I can accept this as a step to make their relationship move a bit quick. I especially liked how they thought and dreamed of one another before any real intimacy. After that, however, I'd have liked a little bit more attention on them as a couple except to say they were falling in love, I guess I'd have liked a couple more scenes with them before that.

As for the plot, it was imaginative and it made me think about other authors who create complex crime plots, although in this book there's a certain lack of detail in some areas which I found would have enhanced the story a lot.
This story has a villain and it has a disgusting situation that really makes me furious when I think it's so easy to hide and dissimulate: I'm thinking of those people who act one way in public and but are actually (and often) mean or evil or disgusting in their heads/hearts.
Thinking about this and about "deserving" punishment, I must say I feel the end of the story wasn't done well enough; it should have been developed more, it should have more scenes where prison and social punishment were met and sadly, that was missing. We just know the "bad guys" were caught but that's not enough in my opinion. Most suspense authors focus so much on the planing and solving os the crimes, the mysteries but then when the end comes, everything is simply wrapped up and no scene, no obvious notion of what happened to the villains.

The paranormal elements weren't exaggerated nor too elaborated. I think they were just part of the characters and although they helped to give information that the usual way wouldn't be possible, it was still presented in a simple way and it didn't seem to be just a handy prop to make the story different.
I'm looking for to read something else by the author but I hope the final stages of the next books in the series are better solved and tidied than in this one.
Grade: 7/10

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