Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jana DeLeon - Diabolical

Nine years ago, the police found Shaye Archer wandering in the French Quarter, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous fifteen years, not even her name. Now, at twenty-four, Shaye is a licensed private investigator, determined to get answers for her clients when the police can’t help. But her last case uncovered more than anyone anticipated, and pieces of Shaye’s missing past have surfaced with unexpected consequences.
She’s starting to remember.
Will Shaye unlock the secrets buried deep in her mind? And more importantly, can she handle the truth if she does? 

Comment: This is the third installment in the Shaye Archer series by Jana DeLeon. In this series, we follow the life of Shaye Archer, a woman with a particular past who now works as a private investigator. This series has been quite interesting and I was very curious to see what secrets were in Shaye's past...

Shaye has been investigating some cases in the past books and the last one has ended up with the revelation her biological mother might have been a link to a man who trafficked humans.
In this third book, Shaye will try to learn more details about her own past and what she finds is quite disturbing. Along with Jackson and other people to help her, Shaye will uncover what has happened to her years ago and what can be happening to a new kidnapped girl in the same conditions as she was, now.
But the truth involves many people and secrets of others who might not be ready for things to become known...

I was quite eager to read this book because this was where, apparently, we would find out about Shaye's past, how she ended up being found the way she did and why her. I liked the story but I confess I expected a bit more in terms of romance development and even the villain wasn't what I imagined. I was more shocked about an unexpected twist than the villain or his reasons.

The plot followed several predictable steps but what I appreciated the most was how one or two characters, good ones I mean, managed to not let themselves be caught by the bad guy. How rare this is in suspense stories! The twist actually has two aspects, the identity of a person of interest from the past which affects Shaye today and how that influenced another situation which - in my opinion was more of a plot shocker than a necessity. I know I'm being vague but reading the books in order will give more impact to this little detail I'm talking about without specifying.

This was a truly addictive book to read, always something happened and because of this it felt kind of a letdown how Shaye herself was just a piece of a puzzle, not the answer to the whole thing. I kind of imagined that considering she's the heroine...it was also too convenient how the bad guy's identity was created...his existence just doesn't make any real sense, I think, especially when it comes to the set of characters we've known since book #1 but whatever...

Shaye is a fascinating character and of course her vulnerable side makes us see her as more "human". I kind of expected all that happens in this book in terms of plot would affect her more heavily emotionally. A romance would be a cliché but welcome manner to allow her to have a "personal" time or something but the relationship never gets to the point...maybe after... well, it's not that the books would be worth only because of that but it would certainly be a cute side element. If only we got more romance sparks happening but no. They feel something they almost get to the point where they discuss it but attention quickly diverges to something else so it feels this aspect is rather dragging. I understand the idea of letting it simmer but a kiss at least would be welcome already.

The next book is coming out or is out recently and I'm looking for to read it as well. At least I can count of a time well spent even with some minor personal quibbles.
Oh and what a creepy cover, isn't it?
Grade: 8/10

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