Thursday, August 10, 2017

A book and a suggestion

Hello all, I hope those of you who show up here are all ok.
Two things in this post and then I'm sure I'll go back to my usual comment posts.

1) One of the recent books I've read was written by a Brazilian psychologist/psychiatric about the so
called dictatorship of beauty (the Portuguese title is literally translated as such) but I haven't found an english translation. 
I got this book in a book fair only because I was curious to read about the mentality that makes women behave in a way that would give so much importance to physical attributes and beauty and to which ends women go to achieve that. I knew this would be a fictional story about several concepts and even a small introduction on why we are al led to think the same way and not be simply ourselves but there is a huge amount of pressure on women to be and look a certain way. I kind of liked the short book but it didn't truly touch some of the themes I expected and even the subject of food disturbs and how that is caused by a misjudging of ourselves and other factors wasn't exploited as I imagined. I think a more non fiction approach would be something I'd prefer to read about. Still, an interesting book about a theme I feel very interested in.
Grade: 6/10

2) I saw on Book Riot's page an article about some of the considered best covers from now until next week. At least it seems to include books within this time frame.
We all know covers can't really define a story but often we are led to imagine amazing scenarios based on a cover. Yes, sometimes the inside doesn't match but looking good isn't always a bad things or because of a deceiving matter (see how it links to the subject above? ha ha).
Anyway, here's the link of this article...
Some covers do seem very fact, I'm now going to check two or three in GR just to see if I'd want to read those stories.
Happy reading!

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