Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sabrina Stark - Jaked

Jake Bishop Can Take a Punch, But Can He Take a Girl Like Luna? From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sabrina Stark: For way too long, Jake Bishop has been Luna Moon's ultimate fantasy, a bad boy brawler with a wicked reputation. Lucky for Luna, she's finally wised up to the truth. Jake's too wild, too reckless, and too far out of her league – especially now that he's rich, famous, and too hot for any one girl to hold.
A digital celebrity and trouble-maker incarnate, Jake goes through girls the way some guys go through bottles of booze. Luna, a college grad whose fortunes are flaming out fast, has two jobs, one psychotic ex-boyfriend, and zero interest in repeating past mistakes. From now on, she's determined to play it safe. No more bad boys. No more drama. And no more crushing on the likes of Jake Bishop.
There's only one problem, Jake. One morning, he shows at Luna's place, uninvited, to turn her life upside down. But why? To help her? To hinder her? Or to settle a score long overdue? No matter the reason, Jake Bishop is in for a big surprise, because this brat from his past is all grown up – and capable of bringing the baddest of bad boys to his knees.

Comment: Now that a long time has passed, the only explanation for why this book was in my TBR is a hopeful but still misguided attempt on my part to enjoy something I guessed wouldn't be a good book for me. But that fickle hope, always leading us on...

I won't go into much premise details because I can't, even now, understand what this plot was about but apparently a young woman (Luna) was removed from her apartment by a guy (Jake) she liked at some point, but who she hasn't seen recently and he takes her to his house and later to a party and somehow they get together. 
I think they knew each other when they were younger and for some reason they cared about one another and now the heroine doesn't want to be recognized by her name - Luna, but instead she goes by Anne. Others seem to not agree with this choice.
Oh and Luna's sister is engaged to Jake's brother and maybe those wouldn't want these together.

I'm being vague on purpose but the truth is I didn't follow the plot easily and to be honest, I still would say there isn't one.
One could say what is the point on reading books not in the genres we don't like. I struggle to enjoy books in the YA and NA genres because they all feel the same and I just can't enjoy a romance with characters who behave so young. And usually the stories are romance focused but the maturity  - or lack of it - shows and the books, in general, feel unreal and silly to me.
Of course, the fun is to keep trying and maybe there will be a novel which will make me change my mind and prove me wrong and positively surprise me. Who is the reader who wouldn't want that?
I added this book, if I can think of it, because someone else I know liked it and based on the dates, I added right after that person liked it. But it wasn't a good one for me.

The plot was confusing. The dialogues silly, ridiculous, not really an exchange in information, simply an increase in mix ups and mistakes. Why couldn't the characters talk like normal people?
Other details i found weird to process:
-Why was Luna in trouble? Maybe I didn't pay attention.
-Why did Jake get her at that moment and why would he think he had to, he's not Luna's boss or close friend...
-Why did Jake take Luna to a party she had no interest in or connection with?

Often the characters would act in silly ways and talk to one another as idiots so I confess I skipped some pages and didn't give the story my full attention. Then another guy shows up at the scene and apparently Luna shouldn't talk to him because Jake doesn't like it. Is Jake Luna's owner? We get to realize that Jake and Luna are destined to be together, so the attraction between them says but then Jake says he's not good for Luna and she should be with someone better. But he hates it when she talks to someone, even those she wouldn't be romantically interested in! He's very confusing. And silly. If this is meant to show jealousy than these two are too immature to care for each other, much less be in a stable relationship.

There are more books in this series but to be honest I couldn't care less. This story is just a waste of time or it was for me. I know taste is relative and it's great the author wrote something many liked but it's not for me. I just couldn't find any sense nor interest in these characters, the main and the secondary (which were even weirder in their behavior....)
Oh well. At least it didn't have grammar mistakes (in the parts I paid more attention to) and it did have some sort of structure...just not a cohesive one.
Grade: 2/10

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