Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Molly Harper - And One Last Thing...

Lacey Terwilliger’s shock and humiliation over her husband’s philandering prompt her to add some bonus material to Mike’s company newsletter: stunning Technicolor descriptions of the special brand of "administrative support" his receptionist gives him. The detailed mass e-mail to Mike’s family, friends, and clients blows up in her face, and before one can say "instant urban legend," Lacey has become the pariah of her small Kentucky town, a media punch line, and the defendant in Mike’s defamation lawsuit.
Her seemingly perfect life up in flames, Lacey retreats to her family’s lakeside cabin, only to encounter an aggravating neighbor named Monroe. A hunky crime novelist with a low tolerance for drama, Monroe is not thrilled about a newly divorced woman moving in next door. But with time, beer, and a screen door to the nose, a cautious friendship develops into something infinitely more satisfying.
Lacey has to make a decision about her long-term living arrangements, though. Should she take a job writing caustic divorce newsletters for paying clients, or move on with her own life, pursuing more literary aspirations? Can she find happiness with a man who tells her what he thinks and not what she wants to hear? And will she ever be able to resist saying one . . . last . . . thing?
Comment: Since I first got interested in Molly Harper's books, I got my eye on this title because it seemed it would be something I'd enjoy spending tie with and I'm very glad to say I was right on this one, I really had a great time reading it.

In this book we have Lacey's story, a woman who discovers her husband has an affair. That Lacey would feel betrayed and angry is not something one would doubt but that she would get her revenge so widely and in such a public manner was definitely a surprise.
Lacey is advised by her lawyer that she should stay low for a while, at least until the public opinion doesn't feel like attacking her instead. But Lacey certainly wasn't counting on having a neighbor so close by on her chosen secret hideout so when things between them go from polite distance to close friendship and attraction, Lacey wonders if she's not letting her feelings get the better out of her...

This was a funny book to read. I've tried different books by the author and while some were quite fun and adorable, others felt constricted and "staged" and that got all the fun out of them, so I was apprehensive about this one. Thankfully, I was positively surprised because this story has its funny scenes and situations but never lost an obvious depth that, in my opinion, makes this a worthy story and something very fluid and credible.

This book revolves a lot about how betrayal feels like but while this isn't a dramatic approach, it still provides some interesting glimpses of it can mean.One could say that Lacey's reaction to finding her husband's betrayal was a little too harsh but sincerely I can see how people would feel the need to act in such a way. Anger and sadness and betrayal can make usually sane people behave in a way that others wouldn't expect...it's certainly complicated to deal congenially with things that affect their way of thinking and their feelings. Yes, it was a bit too much but at the same time it's like the embodiment of all the wishes of betrayed, angry people seeking justice, even if only for a while.

While Lacey is trying to think and have time for herself so she can process what happened, she meets a man that at first infuriates her but slowly starts getting under her skin. Of course we realize he is the love interest and his presence means Lacey can have an means to compare and they end up being perfect for each other, not without some conflict for sure, but this validates that what happened to her marriage wasn't her fault as a woman or as a person. Yes, there are lots of readings we can get out of this all, some more serious than others, but overall it was a nice, simple story with some high scenes to make it look more flavored. I liked it, as I've said.

There are some details throughout the story I didn't enjoy as much nor did I think the author was perfect in all her plot choices but in general this almost self discovery story felt rich and sweet enough to also make it easy to read.
I know some readers found it too silly and I do seem to think the same about so many books that are great for others so...opinions differ and that's it. This one worked out well for me because in the end it's enjoyable and easy to read and the entertainment factor is great. If one can see between the lines and get deeper meanings or signs...then, long live individual impressions. I do recommend it!
Grade: 8/10

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