Friday, December 29, 2017

Fanciful wishes for the future year

I've seen in some blogs or even in specific sites out there people leaving lists of the things they would want for the new year.
Unfortunately, we can't just put in a box the things we need the most like health and work and success, things we need to work for or that we need to take care of so they remain with us. 

But there are always some material objects that could make our life a little bit easier and for me, at this moment I write, the following would be very nice indeed!

It doesn't mean it would need to look exactly like this, but a house would be a nice thing to have. I just need the place, money and maintenance for it. 😼

I would also love to have a home library where I'd include a window seat, this is my biggest dream but alas, still not a possibility. But definitely something I'll get one day!

Not being able to get any of these things in a near future, I'd settle for one or two more shelves, at least, since I have no more room to place my books in nowadays...but the more the better, had I the pace to put them in....

Apart from these more wishfully oriented dreams, there isn't much I really want for 2018 besides the basics (health, peace, joy, friendships and so on) and when it comes to objects I guess it depends on how well some of the things I have already hold on. I'd get a new e-reader and a new phone for certain if mine broke, but nothing too fancy.
So, my biggest realistic wish for the next year will be to be able to have the means to keep buying books!
I hope you can as well! Happy reading!
(I googled the images, they do not belong to me)

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