Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Signing Up for a new year of TBR Challenge

We are getting close to the end of the year and lots of action seems to happen at this time of the year in people's blogs/sites. Lists, projects, summaries.. all seems to be given special treatment around mid to the end of December or in the beginning of January.
Of course also have some of these things to write about...

I'm signing up to another year of the TBR Challenge, hosted by Wendy, the Super Librarian.
This is this year's pic and list of themes. I'm already looking at my monthly lists for 2018 to see which one might be my pick for each month!
Join in! You can comment on a blog, on GR, on Wendy's blog... it's fun!

(image belongs to Wendy)

January 17 - We Love Short Shorts! (shorter reads)
February 21 - Backlist Glom (author with multiple books in your TBR)
March 21 - Sugar or Spice (closed door romance or spicy romance)
April 18 - Kicking It Old School (original publication date older than 10 years)
May 16 - Contemporary
June 20 - Comfort Read
July 18 - Favorite Trope
August 15 - Series (book that's part of a series)
September 19 - Historical
October 17 - Paranormal or Romantic Suspense
November 21 - Cover Girl (a book with a pretty cover - or a horrid one)
December 19 - Holiday (any holiday!)


  1. I'm so happy you signed up again!

    1. I really like the fun of thinking of a title to suit the theme! Thank you for hosting again too!