Thursday, January 4, 2018

Last two books of 2017

2017 is over and I'm already thinking about the reads of this new year but I also want to write a few sentences about the last two books I've read at the end of last month which I haven't got the chance to do yet.
The books are from different genres and authors but I was expectant to read both and I'm glad I liked what I got, even if Leigh's story could have been more interesting.

Wake a Sleeping Tiger by Lora Leigh

This is book #33 in the Breeds series according to GR. I liked the book, overall. Perhaps it's just my imagination but it did feel this boom was a bit more dedicated to what goes on the character's heads when it comes to their individuality and not as much their giving in to the mating heat, a detail that has been one of the key elements of the whole series. 
The idea now Breeds have a way to suppress that is certainly handy. I liked this because the sexual content is less and that makes room for more characterization, character's interactions and even plots to be more obvious. 
Still, it seems after 33 books we (readers) are probably around the same place when it comes to solving all the mysteries and finding all the hidden enemies out there.
The romance was the expected but I feel sorry the main characters don't seem to change that much from book to book. 
I would love the idea of change, of different settings and interactions among everyone, away from the norm. After so many books, it can be a little repetitive.
Grade: 6/10

Pretty Face by Lucy Parker

This is the second story in the London Celebrities series or trilogy and I really liked it! The first book, Act Like It, was probably the one I liked the best in the whole year so I was not surprised to also have enjoyed this one immensely.
Again, we have two different people, with different takes on life coming together and being paired up in this novel. Although there's an age difference, I think that didn't change the dynamics that much, the romance was imply beautiful. I really liked them together. 
The author's writing is superb, I'd say and somehow we are being convinced that the main couple really needs to be together, really is meant to be. The story is simple, the conflicts not there just because, the simplicity of it all just adds up to the fascination.
The dialogues are witty and believable, the situations portrayed interesting and the way each one of them reacted to everything was compelling. Liked their personalities as well.
I'm eager to read more by the author, without a doubt.
Grade: 9/10

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