Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Hello all.
I hope you have good plans for the weekend.
I work today as always but tomorrow I'm going on a trip with some people. A different day for sure.

Just wanted to tidy up some things, so three subjects in this post:

A link
I was looking for stuff related to books online and I came across these lists:
There are books for all kinds of preferences. I'll browse some to see which books were included in the lists that get my attention the most. 
Enjoy, if you want to overflow your TBR even more! 😄

A comment
I've recently read, but forgot to write a post about it, Blood Fury by JR Ward, the 3rd installment in her BDB series spin-off, BD Legacy. 
This is mainly the stories of Peyton and Novo, two trainees in the BDB training program to find civilians to help the fight against the lessers. There's also another sub plot with Saxton, a beloved character for some time now, and Ruhn, a recent addition to the main series but that seemed to be a worthy character of a story.
Overall, I liked the story. I keep saying that, for me, the multiple plot lines doesn't bother me but at times the author seems to prefer to focus on things I wouldn't so it's not the amount of sub plots that is the problem: it's how things are dealt with in each main plot and /or characters.
I was quite happy with how things were done, I liked best the emotional content bu yes, some scenes could have been worked with differently. 
Still, this was a positive story for me and I want to keep reading books in the BDB universe, for certain.
Grade: 8/10

3) A picture
As expected when I remember to do so, I leave you with an image. I woke up this morning, it was raining quite heavily and I just wanted to stay in bed. Alas, to earn money, one must work, but for those who can, I hope this image inspires you. 
The image is from Buzzfeed.
Happy reading!

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