Friday, March 30, 2018

Two books in Portuguese

Comment: Just a quick note on two books I've finished recently, which I read in Portuguese. Both are non fiction and one I got at the library, the other was lent to me by a colleague.

The first was written by a psychiatrist quite popular in my country, he has specialized in teenagers and this book's title can be translated into "Voices and noise - a dialogue with teenagers" and what I really like in his books (I've read quite a few) is how his more educational and technical content isn't complicated to follow or to process. I also like how all books present real life cases, that makes it much more interesting to read than just clinical words and medical terms.
Grade: 7/10

The second is a religious text about Saint Augustine of Hippo. It's a autobiography and some
passages are very interesting and give food for thought.
The problem is that this is a very old text and although the content includes historical details that can be quite engaging, most of the text is boring and it's not always appealing nor easy to compel a reader without theological knowledge into appreciation every hidden meaning.
Of course, for those who like to learn new things, this might work as the text has quite some interesting concepts, such as what is time and how does it relate with God. But, again, the delivery isn't too engaging for the readers used to contemporary styled narratives.
Grade: 5/10

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