Wednesday, August 29, 2018

SK - Dragonsworn

There is nothing in the universe the cursed dragon Falcyn hates more than humans--except for Greek humans. In a war he wanted no part in, they systematically destroyed everything Falcyn ever cared about. Now he lies in wait for the day when evolution will finally rid him of not only the Greeks but humanity itself.
Medea is the granddaughter of the Greek god Apollo and among the first he doomed to die. When Apollo sends a new plague to destroy what remains of Medea's people, she refuses to let him take everything she loves from her again. This time, she knows of a secret weapon--a fierce dragon who has the power to stop the ancient god and his army of demons. His name is Falcyn. But he wants nothing to do with politics, gods, mortals. And especially not her--yet. But if Medea can find a way to control a demonic dragon whose sole birthright is world annihilation, maybe there is hope. . .

Comment: This is the 28th installment in the Dark-Hunter series by author Sherrilyn Kenyon. It keeps on following the lives and adventures of a multi cast that is now a very confusing mix.

In this story we have Falcyn's story, he's a dragon brother of Maxis and Illarion (heroes from the previous two books) and this books sees himself and Medea (daughter of Zephyra) and Urian (the hero of the next book) and Blaise (another dragon) and a few others (more difficult to explain) searching for a way out of realms and complicated situations. In the meantime, without any romance whatsoever!!!!, Falcyn and Medea fall in love.

If anyone reading this has interest n the series or in my comments, you can search for my comments on SK's books on the right side list- which I label by author because of this - and you might notice most of them have repetitive sentences. As repetitive as the books themselves.
I won't go into it anymore but if you're lazy lol, basically what I mean to say is that the stories aren't romantic anymore as they used to be until books #7 or #8 or around those and not even the character's relationships got too complicated.
I won't start again on the time between installments and the need the author has to apparently publish countless things except focus on her world famed series.

I used to religiously buy and devour any book in this series as soon as it would come out but honestly, for many of the reasons I've mentioned before and alluded to here, it just isn't the same anymore and I can easily bear the wait now. I feel disappointed in two things: that the author put this series sort of aside to divide her time with other things (although understandable) and also that her attention to this world is weaker (not as understandable).
The stories used to be dramatic but with sweetness and believable plots among all the fantasy elements but now they are too superficial, the romances no longer "romantic" and the plots confusing as if the more the elements, more complexity but the simplicity of the complex elements working well together is lost, in my POV.

This book does present us with many of the now familiar plots or romance related devices the series recycles:
- Falcyn is a brooding hero, tragic past, lots of secrets and a (I admit) surprising revelation waiting to happen.
- Medea is a different heroine in the sense she isn't a sweet thing suddenly caught in a complicated problem, her past isn't exactly cute and she has reasons to be meaner.
- Their romance is basically their acknowledgement of each others' appeal and drive and need to overcome tragedy, I can't see where we are expected to just believe they are falling in love. There are some references to some sudden feeling which is there probably to let us know there is a weird connection between them.
- Both agree of letting go of some issues to embrace a more positive future with each other and their band of friends.

As for the plot, it was great some discoveries were done but again too many pantheons are mixed together with lots of other religious beliefs and such and the story lost its fascination to me. I'll keep reading but it's definitely not a priority anymore. I just wish i could let go of my investment in these characters and their fate, as a whole but since I still care, I'll keep on torturing myself by waiting...
Grade: 6/10

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