Friday, October 18, 2019

A book comment; a suggestion

A book

I've recently read a book by author Roger L. Talbot, whose only personal information I found was on goodreads and not that detailed (not that I have done an extensive research). This author has written a book that, according to goodreads again and some retailers, is only available in Italian, its original publication and translated into two or three languages, none of them English.

I got the Portuguese edition at my library because the cover blurb mentioned famous women and how they all had something in common, they were part of a secret sisterhood. 

Of course, this being a fictional novel, I knew the names referenced were just an exaggeration of the possibilities of the novel but I imagined a mix of historical facts, romance, adventure... however, this story didn't end up being that amazing and the titled suggested in Portuguese (literally it means "the wise ones" felt a little under par to what the content really offers.

Basically, this is a story based on the premise women in History, same very famous, have been part of a sisterhood that aims to control several aspects that could cause world catastrophes. In this book we meet some - not so famous - fictional women who are in special placed situations and how they behave to keep their secrets while teaching possible new agents. At the same time, the daughter of one of these agents wants to know the truth behind her mother's death but she has her oligarch Russian father to worry about as well. And apparently a certain agent has gone rogue...

The story's idea is not that bad and I had an image of how things could happen. The writing is fluid and the many chapter make things seem to happen more quickly. However, the story was unappealing, the characters didn't have any personality beyond the obvious and the structure of the story didn't go as smoothly as I think the author intended. The "feel" of the story just wasn't impressive for me.
Grade: 4/10


A suggestion

I saw this quiz online and thought about sharing with you:

I've done the quiz and I got 5 right.
Well, as obvious as it is, if everyone has read or heard about the books, the chances of getting right answers increases...
Have fun!

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