Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A book; an image

Comment: I've recently brought from the library and read a book by a Portuguese author. A literal translation of the title can be "Ecology". In this book the author picks the simple task of speaking and turns it into a dystopian future where words start to have a price and people must pay for using them.
The novel has many interesting elements and some main characters that help things follow a certain main idea. However, this being the first book by the author I try (and having never heard of her before), I'm a little confused by the writing style. Everything is random, vague and without an obvious development. Or, I should say, not a traditional one.

The story presents many thoughtful questions, many issues we can see in out everyday lives, especially with social media exacerbating how trivial any subject can be and how people in general don't even care or think about the weight of the words said/spoken.
I think this was a clever idea to exploit, I also liked how the author uses countless examples from the internet to put in evidence how ridiculous some things are and, still, people adhere, people defend, people do, people stick to many of those notions which involve consuming words in many different ways. Would a famous couple really try to trademark their daughter's name so no one else could use it? I would say this is the fake rumor of something only rich people feel entitled to but there was a link to see it was attempted.

There are many reflections, thoughts, ideas the author develops in relation to the importance of words and how we link them to feelings and situations in our lives.
I liked the idea of this book but I'd say this is more an essay or a defense of language and the richness it gives a person and a nation rather than a romance where characters deal with this possibility. 
Therefore, I liked the information and ideas but the fictional sections were poorly presented and I think this would have been a better non fiction book.
Grade: 4/10


Winter usually means cold, rainy or windy days and total lack of will to work or be outside.
As any book worm would like, I'd rather be at home reading...
Here's an image (from here) that certainly inspires me to dream about that scenario...

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