Thursday, April 30, 2020

Jenny Wood - Kayson

Kayson Kennedy and his family pack up shop and move to tiny town, Georgia in order to get to know his newly found baby sister.
After the passing of their mother, Kayson and his brother Kingsley are determined to hold on to the only family they have left.
Opening up their tattoo shop in a small, conservative, town; Kayson never imagined he'd find love at all, most especially not right across the street...
Conner Allen owns his own book shop in a plaza of other small stores, directly across the street from gorgeous, tatted up, Kayson Kennedy. Daydreaming for days about what it would be like to see him up close; his wish comes true when he's attacked outside of his bookstore by a scared, angry teenager.
Now that the ice has been broken between the two, Kayson realizes he's pretty smitten with the bookstore owner from across the street.... and his overweight cat, named, Pickles!
What will they do when the threat may be over? Will the backlash of conservative, small town bigots keep Conner from the real life fantasy, he's been dreaming about since Kayson moved in across the street? Or will Kayson do everything in his power to keep those daydreams a reality?

Comment: I got interested in this book because of a recommendation somewhere on opposites attract. Then, before even deciding to give the book a go, I saw it was part of a series, each book featuring a different couple but all lived nearby in a small town, which started to give me an idea of the (possible) type of stories these would be. I also read the blurbs of all the books and, honestly, I have to say the one that really made me want to try this was the second.
It just seemed so appealing, plot wise, that I immediately added this first book to my TBR, since I like to read in order when possible. 
Big mistake!

In this book we meet Kayson and Kingsley, two brothers who moved from California to Georgia so they could live closer to a young sister they recently found out about.
They move into a small town, still attached to a simple and conservative way of life and where everyone knows everyone. Kayson one day helps Connor, the guy from the bookstore across the street where he has his tattoo shop, and he can't help feeling attracted to the shy and quiet guy.
Connor too feels the attraction after trying to glimpse Kayson across the street so many times and they slowly start to hang out and date. However, the incident that brought them together doesn't seem to have been fully dealt with, will they be able to be happy while someone doesn't seem to accept Connor should be left in peace?

Oh so sad this is yet another story with a promising blurb and potential and then it fizzles out into such a cheesy, bland story!
I know taste is relative but this book felt like the author thought about the main ideas, wrote them, added a few sentences here and there and that was it.

The story is the simplest one can think of, the characters under developed, there are lots of clichés, the slight mystery resolution the quickest and oversimplified we could think of and the romance lacks chemistry.
Many readers also complained about the grammar errors and the lack of edition and that is obvious yes, it can make the reading difficult and it made me enjoy the experience a little less but I could overlook and ignore that had the story been amazingly written, only it wasn't.

There is a lot of tell instead o show, many passages just summarize things, we don't see enough of the characters to form our own opinion, the interactions the main couple has feel very childish but I must say I didn't particularly care for either of them. I think this is a pity because they were opposites of one another and it could have been cute to see how they could suit one another.
Their personalities though, are too superficial and I thought Connor was a big child instead of a grown up man in terms of how he was described.

I just can't get past the writing, which I found very, very poor.
It really was a mistake to read this instead of the one I was more eager for. I now have an idea of the writing style and it's just not one I like so I probably wouldn't enjoy the other book now anyway.
Now it's too late and I think I'll stop here with this author.
Grade: 4/10

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